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New Blog + New Baby

It was long overdue, so the blog finally got a facelift! Thank goodness! So much has changed in my life since the last blog design that I really felt like it needed an update. I’m really hoping to shape this blog more so around my life & personal shenanigans with some photography goodness thrown on here as well.

I am still doing photography even after the babes, so make sure to spread the word. Just not shooting near as many as I did in the past, seeing that I have my two babes to spend time with now. So I’m taking a select few weddings a year, along with a select amount of portrait sessions a month. My full website & portfolio will be up in the next month with all updated photos. Until then you can always click on the topic; wedding, on the right hand sidebar. I would love to meet some more of my readers & snap some pretty pictures for you! Emailing me through the site is the best way to chat about that so please do!

Since my last post, which was at the end of June, we’ve welcomed a little baby into our family! So no, I am not currently 51 weeks pregnant. Although we waited a looooong eleven days past my due date to finally MAKE that baby come out! If you haven’t been following my journey on instagram (@leahmullett) then be sure to check back tomorrow as baby makes it’s first appearance on the blog!

Thank you so much to all my family, friends, and readers who have stuck with me through these baby makin’ years and kept checking my blog even when I didn’t blog enough. Its definitely a lot harder to blog, work, shower, eat, shit, etc etc, when you have babies but I’m going to fully commit and do my very best! I’m slowly but surely learning that everything with two kids is a strategy. You always have to be prepared and ready and have a plan! Would love love loooove to hear what you all think of the new blog! Its been a lot of work and so thankful for the team of people who helped me put it together! I really feel like its ME this time around.

And because every blogpost needs a photo, here you go. Who doesn’t love some yummy baby feet.


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