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monday must haves

i’m starting something new here on the blog, something i hope to keep up with. i’ve seen other bloggers doing some fun things on their blog so that you can better get to know them so i thought why not. when i worked a full time job at a company, i use to hate mondays. it meant back to work. but now that i love my job and actually working for myself, its one of my favorite days of the week. just something about getting back into the mix of things after a fun weekend sounds appealing to me. must be the organizer in me. not to mention its a good day to blog about personal stuff seeing that i’m usually trying to figure out where to start before the busy week takes full swing. so here are some things that i love (aka heart) that i would like to share with you. basically it can be anything … so definitely leave a comment if there is something you love out there and would like to share. its always fun to hear the products or things that people are loving these days. so here is what i’m thinking …

1. Aerie Yoga Pants. i live in these things. like seriously. i know you’re not suppose to wear sweatpants all the time, but i workout in these … so they make me feel motivated (atleast thats what i tell myself)
2. smoothies. something about summer just makes me crave smoothies all the time. i make them at home like almost everyday. its a great summer snack!
3. the movie madagascar escape to africa. this movie is the best! i looooove <3 king julian. he just cracks me up. my two favorite parts are with him, first when he’s talking about the volcano and second when he talks to melman. hilarious. and a must buy. (i love disney movies)
4. its summer … so of course i loooove lake michigan. i feel so blessed to live in michigan because of their beautiful beaches and the lake. i go out on the boat about every weekend and try to make it to the beach a few times. its nice to not have to worry about sharks and jellyfish … oh and yuckie salt water.
5. opi nail polishes are the shiznit. i love switching my nail color every day or so. i use to have fake nails on but after getting them off a year or so ago, i don’t know if i’ll ever go back. i love having a different fun summer color on!

so there you have it folks. my first monday must haves <3 post.

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