mid march 2012 goals


i realized it about six days into march that i hadn’t done my monthly goals on the blog and told myself, oh well. thats what sickness does to me, all care goes out the window. i’m hoping your first two weeks of march were much better than mine. after laying low the first week of march with being sick, sunday morning after shooting a wedding and ready to be feeling better … the sickness that was going around the family hit me hard and again, started out my week super slow. and now here we are march 20 with only a week and a half left and i thought why not just share what i’m currently up to and a few things i hope to cross off the list by the end of the month. i’m sooo happy to be back to feeling normal and healthy and happy to say i jumped back into my workout program and am feeling good. i’ve come to realize, for me … the hardest part of creating a new workout plan is to figure out how to plan out your day and routine. when to workout, shower, work, what time to wake up and go to bed. so many things need to change and go into this lifestyle change. you really have to have a plan, or atleast i do. so trial and error is what i’m doing right now. experimenting in how i feel and really trying to pay attention to what works best for me. everyone is different. so far, although i love moving slow in the mornings … morning workouts do work best for me. not supppper early though … i’m not a 5am worker-outer. no way. i’ll leave that to my friend abby.

i currently am in need of a coffee. the whole afternoon tiredness just hit full force and i’m waiting for my second wind to hit me. but what a beautiful day! windows are open in the office, country music blasting and i’m editing and culling away. its a beautiful tuesday and i hope you all are enjoying it as well.

i absolutely adore this image of my nephew morgan who was not paying attention as i tested my light. will be sharing this session with you soon.

my very small goal list :

march goals

exercise zoey atleast 4 times a week
continue to go through boxes with my family for our garage sale we’re having in the spring
lunge my horse atleast 2 times a week
figure out a set in stone launch date for my new blog/site [good programmers are hard to come by megan and i have learned]
keep ‘pushing’ hard in my workout program [turbofire/shakeology/push by chalene johnson]



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