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mary + ryan :: wedding

i try super hard to not pick favorites when it comes to clients and weddings. and i do a pretty good job at it. but looking back at this wedding and the whole weekend, i smile from ear to ear and am so excited to be blogging these today. mary did such a great job with her planning and the day went perfect. mary first contacted me after my cousin whom she roomed with told her about me. she knew what she wanted and told me there was no doubt in her mind she wanted me to travel down towards chicago. i was so excited that audrey passed my name along as we met for the first time while taking their engagement pictures and we snapped and chatted for hours and i left that night knowing this wedding would be amazing.

usually its just me and tara traveling to a wedding but this weekend was a unique one. it was the weekend of our anniversaries (we got married on the same weekend, 2 days apart and matthew and i were 2 years after them) so we made it into a weekend celebration in chicago. yes, we left lucas and matt ALONE in chicago all saturday afternoon and night. it was scary, and sure enough they proved us right that that wasn’t the best idea … but thats for another post coming soon as i work on catching up. 😉 lets talk some more about how amazing mary and ryan are and how perfect the day was.

we arrived at the salon and everyone was so happy and on schedule. after heading to the church everyone got ready and after ryan and mary finally saw eachother … we all headed down the road to this amazing farm to capture their big day. it was beautiful. everyone was so laid back and what i love most about mary is the fact that she gave tara and i so much time and put so much effort into her timeline and made things go so smoothly and in return, we got to play and have fun and just show their LOVE and the excitement for the day.

a huge shout out to bradley productions who were the videographers for this wedding and also traveled down from west michigan. tara and i have never been so goofy and laughed so hard then we did with these three guys. not to mention they do amazing work. the day was so fun and perfect and i’m so excited with their photos. it brings me back to the day and thats exactly what i try to do at every wedding. because lets just be honest … reminiscing is so fun.

p.s. i had to REALLY work on narrowing down my picks to show you. i’m working on the ‘less is more’ theory.


ryan’s sister and mary had a moment that was just too cute.

just LOVE this couple …

mary you are so beautiful. inside and out.

such a fun bridal party. so laid back and just plain ‘ole fun!

time to party.

congrats mary and ryan! we love ya and so happy we got to travel down for your beautiful wedding!



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  1. Jessica
    Tuesday, September 13th, 2011
    Loved the colors!
  2. Lisa LaReau
    Tuesday, September 13th, 2011
    Leah, You out did your self again! Love the photo's can't wait to see the whole cd !! I want to order a book too, so contact me when you get a chance! Great job!
  3. Tuesday, September 13th, 2011
    WOW leah. you know how to capture a day and a couple in such a vivid and fresh way. these photos are so beautiful yet they look so real and natural and genuine. GREAT WORK!
  4. Leigh Onken
    Tuesday, September 13th, 2011
    Beautiful!!!!! Leah you are so amazing!!!
  5. Jennifer
    Wednesday, September 14th, 2011
    Breath-taking location for the pictures before the wedding! Beautiful does seem to do the pictures justice! See you Saturday! ;)