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lucas :: 18th birthday portraits

Excited for everyone to meet Lucas here on the blog today! I kind of feel old when I think back to my first family get together with, at the time, my mom’s boyfriend’s family [now her husband] and I remember Lucas was like 5 years old! And here he is on his 18th birthday a few weeks ago! It has been so great getting updates from his family and how far he has come. I was so excited to photograph him on not only his birthday but it was such an exciting day for him. We met at this new facility that is going up in Holland called Benjamin Hope. Before I got there his parents showed him around and asked him what he thought. He of course thought the place was pretty awesome. And then they told him it was his new home! What a fun way to share the news with him. He was so surprised.

He was living on the east side of the state and his parents along with other families were trying to get this place going on the other side of the state so Lucas could be closer to his family. Then came Benjamin Hope. It is a campus where adults with disabilities live, learn, and interact with the community at large. Lucas is now living in the cowboy house and is currently the only resident at his home. I’m sure it won’t take long for this place to fill up though because it is gorgeous beyond belief! These houses are amazing and I’m so thankful for people who pour their hearts and souls into awesome things like this for the disabled. Lucas is going to looooove it here. His sidekick Zac who assists Lucas in his home and community will be by his side throughout his new journey. There is a barn with a one year old alpaca, cats, goats, and a rabbit named Matilda and of course some chickens. We all know Lucas will be putting some hours in at the barn because he loooooves working with animals. This place offers hope to adults and families with disabilities and helps bring them closer to home which is soooo important.

I’m so excited for Lucas and this new chapter in his life and so thrilled I got to photograph this exciting day! I don’t believe Benjamin Hope has a website yet but email me if you would like some more information on them! I would be happy to ask for you!

[update: I just got an email from a sweet person sharing that they do have a facebook page! so make sure to check that out! HERE]












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