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Life with Clare

It’s official. Life goes by way too fast. Our little Clare is 12 weeks old and life has been so much fun since she came into our family. Don’t get me wrong, its a lot of work having two babies and we have our days, or I do at least … but all in all, it feels so RIGHT having Clare in our family. I still am in shock even 12 weeks later that we have ourselves a little girl. Wondering when that shock will wear off?

I will definitely post monthly updates as the kiddos grow, but wanted to share what life has been like since little miss Clare made her debut back in July. Lots of catching up to do on here. So for now, I went through some photos [what seems like millions] and tried to narrow down my favorite few of the little miss to share [impossible]. I may or may not have gotten a little teary eyed. She has changed so much already!

She has such a little personality already, I just think she is soooo sweet! Unless I just got food, then she’s not so sweet. She is so so smily & always opens her little mouth open like a baby bird. Its the cutest thing. She loves starring at the arrow over Levi’s changing pad and smiling so big at it while kicking her legs and trying to tell it a story. Again, cutest thing. I’m just so obsessed with her hair! Its so fun and has a beautiful auburn color in it, which Matthew and I both have as well. She sleeps great at night, not so great during the day … just the past few weeks. The first few months she slept seriously all the time it almost worried me, and then I jinxed myself as I knew I would by telling everyone that.

Levi is doing awesome with Clare so far! Although, he nearly pokes her eyes out almost daily when he points them out. He always comes up to her and says, “Hi Baby” in the sweetest little high pitch baby voice. I think its so funny how we all have that little baby voice we talk to babies with and its obviously just a natural thing because even a 20 month old BABY does it.

He also says “uh oh” when she cries and everrrrry once in a while will attempt to shove her paci in her mouth. Literally shove. So I constantly have my eye on both of them. So as long as I let my to do list fly out the window, I’m good! When I think about it too much I get a little stressed but trying to just soak in these new baby snuggles because I think technically in like 8 days she isn’t a ‘newborn’ anymore … so just a warning, I will probably be a hot mess that day. Don’t call me.

Here’s a little glimpse into life with our little Clare.

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