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leigh + trevor :: engagement

leigh and trevor are such a fun couple and their engagement session might be one of my favorites to date. it could possibly be because i got to ride around in a hot rod all night … or just because these two are a riot. my fruz, randi introduced me to leigh a while back and i couldn’t be more thankful that she did. whats a fruz you say? well its a cousin aka cuz + friend = fruz. and randi is one of my best fruz’es and i’m so glad she introduces me to fun people that i get to be-friend as well.

i probably giggled the whole entire night. between the burnouts and going fast … trevor’s pants ripping at the end of the night, or leigh’s funny sarcasm, it was a great night. our friendship started off with leigh begging me to shoot her wedding. after i told her there was no need to beg because i wanted to, she then gave me $20 cash to hold her date. yes people, alcohol was involved. and she did give me some liquor to hold her date too, that was a first. but the date was saved in my book!

the night started out in an apple orchard and ended on the docks of saugatuck with a car and wesley theme in between. yes, we were busy. these two are so comfortable with eachother and i can just tell they are meant to be. their relationship started at a football game in high school. high school sweethearts … gotta love ’em (i married mine too!) so they have been inseparable ever since and come august these two will be official and i get to document it all! so excited. i could write all day about these two. but i won’t.

sorry for the crazy amount of photos. enjoy <3

check out trevor’s pride and joy … NO NO not leigh … his ’68 ford torino GT … with a big block. this car is B A and i love it. totally the only reason why i want to be their friend … but don’t tell them that ๐Ÿ˜‰

meet wesley. the better of the three ๐Ÿ˜‰

look at how gorgeous leigh is. OH SNAP.

i had to get a picture of leigh with her ‘dog’ stoller … i had no clue they existed. she is such a good ‘dog mom’.

and now onto the docks …

our funny moments from the night. i had to share, sorry trevor.

aren’t they adorable and soooo in love ?!!!!

happy monday!





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  1. Monday, June 27th, 2011
    Great work Leah! this looks great!
  2. Leigh Lamar
    Monday, June 27th, 2011
    Leah, you are a photography GODDESS!!!! These pictures are more beautiful than I had even pictured in my mind! You captured our love and personality's perfectly and I cant stop looking at these pictures!!! Love you girl!!!!! Cant wait until you blow my mind again on 8-19-2011 ;)
  3. Randi Prins
    Tuesday, June 28th, 2011
    WOW! Great work FRUZ!! You blow my mind everytime!
  4. Jennifer Hessel
    Tuesday, June 28th, 2011
    I loved the numbers on the pavement...and all of the others too! :)
  5. Wednesday, June 29th, 2011
    gorgeous images! love the lines and colors in the 2nd to last picture!!

    i also married my high school sweetheart... a beautiful thing, isn't it?