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kristi :: maternity

We all know how much I stinkinlovematernitysessions. It all started months ago when a old high school friend of mine, Bethany … contacted me about surprising her sister with a maternity session. are you kidding me?! I think that is such a fun and unique gift idea! Something she will cherish forever … her very last pregnancy pictures. Yup, that’s right folks … this babe is her last. We think anyway … she is pretty good at having kids though. Look at her 3 gorgeous, cute, adorable girls she had already. After Matt did some convincing to try for a boy … God has blessed them with a lil man in the oven. They are ecstatic to have a baby boy coming and Kristi mentioned they are also … clueless. Clueless what to do with this BOY that will be here any day now! I’m not worried though … they’ll figure it out. Not to mention Matt (aka dad) is a farmer so I just can’t wait for this lil man to be a farmer boy. I love farming boys. 🙂 My vision … some cute little boy in overalls … with straw in his mouth. Umm … so cute!

If I had to pick 1 word to describe this session … its definitely CAT. Although Bethany did NOT do a good job handling Mr. Kittie Cat (sorry Bethany haha) … I actually didn’t mind him following us around the whole session. Like seriously … he followed us around the whole time. Some random cat with a weird foot. haha. I think he wants to be a model because he seriously tried to be in EVERY single shot. So we made Bethany try to hold him … but he stunk. bad.

I’ve got to give a shout out to Bethany too about her AMAZING fashion skills. She picked out every-one’s outfits and if I remember correctly gave money BACK to Kristi (shocking) because she got the girls dresses for like 3 BUCKS! Something crazy like that … so if you would like to hire Bethany to come to your house and pick out your clothes for a session … OR go shopping for you … she’s pretty good at it and I think she agreed to it. If not, sorry Bethany … just don’t fight your calling 😉     ….. also I have to add that I love your smirk Kristi. LOVE IT.

I had so much fun catching up with Bethany and getting to know you Kristi. It was a fun girls night. Hopefully I get to meet the lil man someday 😉 much love. MUAW! (thats a kissing noise)

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  1. Sara Arens
    Friday, August 13th, 2010
    I love bump photos! So cute, The ones by the truck are my favs! Great job as usual ;)
  2. Maryann Broton
    Friday, August 13th, 2010
    I love them all........ the black and white one by the pickup truck is my fav....
  3. Shirley Crowley
    Sunday, August 15th, 2010
    Beautiful photos!! Love the one of all three girls kissing your belly. Also...love the ones in the yellow shirt, especially the one to the right of 4100. Many great ones to choose from.