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jessica + jason :: wedding

their dads stood up in eachothers weddings so of course this wedding was meant to be. i’m sure i’m not the only guilty person that chats back and forth with their friends about having children at the same time and if so, they are so getting married. or maybe thats just a girl thing. but in this story, it happened. they fell in love. they grew up neighbors and always ‘knew’ of eachother but it took awhile for them to make the leap and finally figure out what God had planned for them this whole time, and that one another were right under eachother’s noses.

jessica is also a photographer and of course its a little nerve-racking to photograph a fellow photographer but to be honest, i truly enjoyed it. we had so much fun shooting their styled engagement shoot in a field right next to a willow tree and shortly after that i realized the perks to it. she gets it. she knows how to portray their love through the lens and show their personalities. and boy did they.

jason and jessica are two of the calmest people i know but there is so much more to them then meets the eye. for example … they are so sweet and easy going you almost may take it as shy when first meeting them, so who would have thought that these two would have their ceremony be so different. the bridal party along with jason, danced down the aisle. and i’m not talking slow danced. straight out boogied down the aisle. it was so entertaining and definitely something different. i had heard of things on youtube about this but never seen it first hand until this wedding. the mix of songs were all fun hip hops songs about getting married and the guests were definitely not falling asleep at this wedding. everyone was laughing, clapping and having a great time. after these two were official … the rest of the evening was celebrated in downtown grand rapids full of dancing, speeches (very entertaining rap song her sister sang), laughing and excited for their future together. congrats to you two and great job jessica at planning a wedding that i nor the guests, will ever forget. so beautiful. <3


had so much fun with these two.


jessica and i went to high school together and its so fun to get to know her better and see what a beautiful young woman she has turned out to be. such a sweetheart … and gorgeous!!!

loved their cake!

happy thursday! almost the weekend! yippie!



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  1. Jess
    Thursday, October 20th, 2011
    Leah! These are amazing...as usual! Thank you so much for capturing these memories for us & you were awesome to work with! :)