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jammie + patrick :: wedding

i don’t like to think of myself as a person who thoroughly enjoys eating, but i do have to say i look forward to my meal allllll day long when shooting a wedding. it just takes so much energy and not to mention, we usually don’t get to eat anything until about dinner time because we’re so busy so when it comes to that point in the day, i’m excited. it was justine and brian’s wedding last august when we were seated under a tent, once again … we were hot, sweaty messes … and super ready for a yummy meal. its crazy how every wedding is so different but more so how the guests are so different. tara and i always have so much fun chatting with the guests around the table that we are seated with. during justine and brian’s wedding, we had to have one person from each table stand up and read the notes that were on our table. i don’t think we had introduced ourselves yet at this point but after patrick stood up and read our note with a bottle of wine in his hand [it was totally random] we all started laughing and right away, kicked it off with this couple. i had no idea they were engaged but tara and i had so much fun hanging out with jammie and patrick and getting to know them. a week later, i have an email in my inbox from a ‘jammie’ that is engaged and asking me to photograph her wedding. I was SO thankful that we were paired up that night at our table and was more than excited to be apart of their day.

we shot some fun and full of outdoors engagement photos a few months later and getting to know their families a bit better along with friends at their wedding was so lovely. hearing about their love for reading and patrick’s goofiness was too fun. i love how i met this couple and i can’t wait to spend more time with them hopefully sometime in the future! looking back, loved that our ‘first double date’ [tara and i with jammie and patrick] was at a wedding while eating a yummy meal and then we got to be apart of their wedding day and meet new people while eating more yummy food! [i swear i’m not hungry] super pumped to be sharing these with you all finally. enjoy!



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