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jamie + jamie :: engagement

I have been dying to share this engagement session on the blog. Meet Jamie and Jamie. Yup, same name and I love it. Although it can be super confusing at times … Especially when trying to pose them. Jamie look at me and Jamie you look at … Ugh. They then explained to me that most refer to them as Jamie 1 and 2. Or Jamie and Jamison. But you see, I couldn’t get the whole ‘Jamison’ thing down because that wasn’t what I called him all growing up.

For writing purposes I will refer to him as Jamison but we met eachother in preschool and he was stuck with me every since. All of elementary, middle school, high school, and now here I am again … his wedding photographer. Jamie also grew up in the small town of hudsonville … And soon became part of the super small town within the small town of hudsonville called forest grove, where Jamison and I had grown up. The two finally realized they need to date and now we have a super cute engaged couple with the same name. How unique.

We met in forest grove [of course] and had to catch Jamison in his element. Farming and the country way of life. Couldn’t have been a more perfect spot then a freshly cut field in the middle of no where with the sun shining like crazy. Of course hit another farm [our other childhood and still very close farming friend of jamison’s] where we continued to laugh and reminisced about the good ole days and talked about their future plans along with the wedding details.

I just love seeing childhood friends so happy and in love. There couldn’t be a more perfect woman out there for him. Jamie is so sweet and down to earth and I loved my evening with this couple. So blessed to be a part of this exciting time in their lives and a part of the whole journey of planning a wedding.


had to do a few for jamison …




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