why hello. so glad you stopped by. my name is leah mullett. welcome to my little corner of the internet world where you’ll find my latest rambles of my life and photography. i hope you stay awhile and get to know me. don’t be shy, i’m not. leave a comment and introduce yourself. i am a twenty-five year old girl from western michigan and still soaking in all of michigan’s beauty. i love living in michigan, in every single way. northern michigan is my fave and often times if you can’t find me, thats where i’m hiding. i’m a total country girl and tomboy at heart. of course absolutely in love with my husband matthew, and obsessed with my doberman zoey … and obsessed is an understatement.

i’ve always seen myself as independent. the one person I depend 100% on is my husband, matt. and that took a lot for me … but that’s what love does. love defines everything in my life, family, friends and now even my job. after getting a degree and working as an interior designer for three years, decided to make a change in my life and tackle this dream i have always had of owning my own business and doing a job that i love waking up for everyday. i love anything organization and you’ll often times find me planning, thinking, dreaming, and setting goals for myself which i love to share here on the blog. huge dreamer, hence the reason why i have ‘dream’ tattooed on my wrist. i dream about dreaming. i love creating with my camera and showing people how i see the world and how i see love. i’m down to earth but also professional. life is too short to be serious all the time, right?! i love having fun and laughing, getting to know new people and asking lots of questions. i’m always pushing myself to be a stronger individual and christian. ‘if you’re not growing, you’re dying. remain open to learning and to new experiences.’ one of the many quotes i have hanging in my office. i love being inspired and growing. excited to grow as i share with you all.

images by: Jill Devries and Julie Harmsen