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las vegas, san diego, phoenix, then florida. yes yes … i’ve been spoiled. even though my first 3 cities were dedicated to work … i still thoroughly enjoyed seeing what the other states have to offer. its amazing how much there is yet to see. this past weekend i headed down to st. petersburg, florida to visit my grandpa and grandma with my two sisters. it was us 3 girls staying with them and we had a blast. yes mom … we actually all got along and made some pretty fun memories … even though it was only for a weekend. i actually was super excited to come home and spend some time with matthew and zoey so although i came home to a blizzard … its all good.

our weekend trip started out with us making quite the scene at the airport. sometimes we remind me of the kardashian sisters because we are just silly. we were going through secruity and i was of course pulled to the side to enter this space ship thing. i’m thinking its just some sort of x ray machine or i don’t know [i hate watching the news so was clueless] only to look over and see my sisters laughing so hard. i had no clue why. so i put my hands above my hands like a total dork to find out that someone saw me completely naked. nice. we were laughing so hard the whole way to the plane. the whole flight there we played with brittany’s mac and the funny thing it does with picures on there. like i said … we made quite the scene. we were laughing so hard we were crying. you can check out some of the photos HERE on facebook. i’m pretty proud of them. after landing we filled our weekend with working out and then rewarding ourselves by going to the super target. pretty exciting. tara and i even took a road trip to tampa where we found a anthropologie store, restoration hardware, and potterybarn. all pretty amazing stores and made me want to buy a new house to decorate again. eeekkk.

after our road trip we spent some quality time soaking up some vitamin D at the pool and the beach. also, searching for shells for my nephew morgan. our trip was pretty go go because tara and i were only there for 2 1/2 days but we actually made the most of it and kept ourselves pretty busy with dinner and shopping and just spending some quality time with the grandparents and our sisters. we had some amazing laughs in my grandparents car [which we now call ..] ‘pearl’

it was so great to see the g-parents and also to get tara away from being a mother for just one weekend and be silly and crazy together. i’ll never forget it. now its back to working hard to catch up on a few things and also implying some things in my life that i’ve learned over the past few weeks. so excited. a LOT of lists were made on the plane ride back. a wedding will be blogged soon … and possibly some pictures of myself. prettttty crazy i know. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Happy Wednesday!

also so excited to blog a few of my new promo pics ๐Ÿ˜‰ by Julie Harmsen!

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  1. Thursday, March 17th, 2011
    love the updated blog and site!! I had so much fun creating those photos with you!