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february 2011 goals

the month of love. i love it … this winter has been so amazing to me so far and i just want to keep growing in every way possible. business and in my personal self growth. lately i’ve been taking a lot of trips and time for myself to learn and grow and its been amazing. i’ve also been becoming stronger and stronger in being WHO I AM and not what others want me to be. something i truly believe in with my blog is putting my life out there and being completely honest with my readers and i will do my very best to continue to do so. i got a lot of great feedback from my disconnect post and love that it may have opened other people’s eyes to something so important. once again, i would love to share with you my monthly goals. something near and dear to my heart. goals. i love ’em. on the plane yesterday coming back from florida i probably made like 8 lists and couldn’t be more excited about them. here are some of my goals for this month and also some completed and not completed goals from last month. i’m trying to keep in mind how fast time is flying by and not overwhelming myself but that is how i role.

february goals::

finish new branding
make a preferred vendors list
finish reading bill rancic’s ‘you’re hired’ *
finish all album designs and edits from 2010 (so close)
stick to workout schedule
facebook less … twitter more (just learning)
cook dinner atleast 3 times a week (i’ve been doing pretty good with this but want to continue with it)
wake up an hour earlier (ahhh) I’m a total night owl
continue to put all the things in motion that i learned from jackie wonders

*goals that were not completed in january

january completed goals::

run on my new treadmill
go to san diego and meet with jackie wonders 😉

ALSO … i do not do a lot of newborn photography because really it is not my speciality. i am a wedding photographer. no ifs ands or buts about it … but of course every once in a while when a friend or family member has a new little gift from God come i will step out of my norm and snap some photos. Here is a few of my friends max and cassie’s little babes … mason.

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  1. andrea
    Tuesday, February 1st, 2011
    Great Job leah! soo cute!!!!
  2. Leigh Lamar
    Tuesday, February 1st, 2011
    I love reading your blog! You are so real and I LOVE THAT! and I need to tell you that I had a dream last night that my wedding was going REALLY bad there were no people at the ceremony and then I realized that I forgot to send out the invites!!! So i called everyone on the way to the reception and most of them were still able to make it to the reception, then I realized that you were no where to be found and I went to your house and you were taking a nap!!! LOL It was the weirdest dream ever but really funny too. Just thought you would like to know how my wedding stress is not seeping into my dreams LOL
  3. dana
    Tuesday, February 1st, 2011
    Love them! You are equally talented at baby photography as well! Good job!
  4. Cassie
    Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011
    Love them.... they turned out great Leah THANKS AGAIN!!!
  5. Thursday, February 3rd, 2011
    Leah you would do very well to include taking baby pic too-they are beautiful toes and fingers and all, love the 2nd one can just see it framed!