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february 2013 goals

Truth, I did NOT hit the ground running in January [after reading Nancy’s goals and how she conquered January]. I want to stay positive but to be honest, looking back at that last month I know I was not as productive as I should have been and may have been a little ‘ambitious’ with my goals. BUT I am looking forward and being optimistic, I am recognizing it and addressing the changes that need to be made for this month. Nothing bad happened, in fact … good things happened! I had a beautiful niece born and ended up helping a lot with the other two kids. Which I knew I wanted to do, so I should have planned a little better for that. In my defense, Isla came two weeks early.

So looking forward to February, I’m excited. I’m ready to tackle this month! [completed January goals crossed out]

February Goals

Get passport
All Album designs done and ordered*huge accomplishment
Help my sister prepare for her #3 baby coming around January 31
Finish all December edits
Go through my closet and purge
Knock atleast 3 items off the ‘house to do list’
Wake up at 7am Sunday-Thursday
Finish reading ‘The Lucky One’ and watch movie with Jenny
Read a business/self-help book [in the morning, fun book in evening]
Meal-plan every week
Workout regularly + eat healthy
work on business + personal taxes
organize all paperwork + receipts

I love how Nancy calls it ‘business reset’, that is exactly what I’ll be working on in February and the off season as well. Taxes, cleaning out computer, backing up images, updating blog and website, equipment maintenance, new business routines and changes. Along with the personal life reset.

So very happy these days with all this snow! I absolutely love watching snow flakes fall outside my window all day. Makes working in the office on my computer for hours on end a bit more enjoyable. Hope everyone has a lovely week and makes a goal list! Share your link in the comment section or list them there. We can hold eachother accountable.

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  1. Monday, February 4th, 2013
    love all of this. Thanks for the motivation Leah!