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a week ago today i was ‘exploring’ what beautiful northern michigan has to offer in the fall. along with matthew and my cousins jenny + aaron, i went on a weekend ‘road trip’ up to the cabin and then we traveled further north to check out the ‘tunnel of trees.’ i’m always blown away at God’s beauty and how many gorgeous places there are in this world, and i’ve seen SUCH a small part of it. so small i can’t even explain how small. i haven’t done a lot of traveling in my life, but really … matthew and i are just so content with michigan. and there are so many parts of this state we haven’t seen yet. so we’re always finding something new to check out. someday we do hope to explore the world a bit further and knock that off the bucket list but this past weekend was so relaxing and just about checking out the colors and of course spending some lovely time with my cousins whom are also our very close friends.

of course there were quite a few jamming sessions, along with great conversations and tons of laughs. the tunnel of tree’s was gorgeous, not as much color change though as further south around the traverse city area, or kalkaska but still, beautiful non the less. the tunnel of tree’s is a stretch of curvy road starting at harbor springs, michigan and continueing south along the lake shore. beautiful homes of course set off M-119, which makes for some great conversations and how we could ever someday afford one of those homes. deer were everywhere, and definitely not a road you want to go fast on. we stopped at a few little towns with giftshops and history on their walls, even ate dinner at a polish restaurant called ‘legs inn’ right in cross village, michigan. you can find so many beautiful photos online of this historic road, which i did snap a few and even had jenny take some of matthew and i. lets just say … she’s working on her photo skills. maybe i’ll share them someday, but i wouldn’t count on it.

today is saturday and surprisingly i do not have a wedding to shoot. i had a bridal shower for a cousin this morning and here i sit in my office wanting to share with you all this photo i took on our trip to the northern region. i found this beautiful field with a colorful tree line in the distance and actually didn’t even get too many complaints from the guys sitting in the back seat who had to wait while i ran through a field with my camera. i absolutely love this photo and all the memories it brings back already.

i also sit here so excited for the week to come and my trip to chicago for making things happen. eeekkkkkk. i cannot wait. i need this oh so very badly. i’m really looking forward to these next few weeks of getting caught up and hoping to blog and share much more with you all. i have blogging ideas that have been driving me nuts and i just need to do them. again, so pumped. i hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend and if you’re from michigan or anywhere where there is color change … make sure to take or MAKE the time to go for a little cruise and soak in the beauty of it. i absolutely love change and fall is so refreshing and to me, symbolizes change and with that, fresh starts. a time to start something you’ve been putting off for so long. relax and do something for yourself. read a book perhaps.

love all michigan’s seasons. every single one of them.




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