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emily + adam :: engagement

he kept coming into her work and she knew what he was up to. so finally she just asked him, do you want to take me out?! when i think of this night that we met and shot some engagement pictures, i immidiatly start sweating. it was one of those days that was over 100 degrees and we were ROAST’N. but we managed to enjoy the night and get some of this fun couple laughing at eachother, sharing stories, and so in love.

i officially met emily when she put a featherlock in my hair a few months ago. of course she had clients waiting so we didn’t get to chat too much but she had found me through her friend cassie whom i shot her engagement pictures and her and max’s weddingoh and their baby. yeah, we go way back. emily emailed me shortly after getting engaged and said she didn’t even have to meet with me, she knew she wanted to book me. her excitement wore off on me and i was so thrilled that she was so set on me and i knew we’d be good together. come this september, a very popular date i might add … 9.10.11 … these two will be officially hitched and i’ll be excited. come to think of it … only one month to go! crazy how fast time has been flying by lately!!!




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  1. Cat Cooley
    Wednesday, August 10th, 2011
    beautiful~ great job!
  2. Beth Touchstone
    Wednesday, September 7th, 2011
    You two look great together, very cool photos! Oh and now I'm in tears Emily!
  3. Jan/Mom
    Monday, September 19th, 2011
    Love the pics...love the kids!!