Leah Mullett Photography

Elizabeth & Jack

So the other day I posted the two cutest blondie kids … today … the two cutest brown eyed, dark skinned kids I’ve ever seen. A Little less than a year ago I did some family portraits for this gorgeous family, check them out HERE … They have always been one of my favorite family sessions and I just love Sara’s gorgeous baby bump. BUT now Jack is here!!! We all knew that little boy was going to be ADDDORABLE … and that he is. I can’t get enough of those eyes and EYELASHES! Why is it that the boys always get amazing eyelashes! I just want to put mascara on them! Ha! And Elizabeth is quite the model. If you notice some of her more serious looks … yeah … she practiced. “Miss Leah, want to see my model look?” … She cracked me up the whole session. And I’m not sure what she loves more, getting her picture taken, or changing her clothes. She had a lot of outfit changes and ideas, it was so cute.

Sara and I go way back to 5th grade when she was the new cute girl in Forest Grove Elementary. Abby and I basically claimed her, and before we knew it, she was apart of our “group” (yes, we had a groups at Forest Grove, thee most hick-est elementary school out there). We were BFF’s … we even competed in the talent show every year and danced. I hope those videos never re-surface. I would be very embarrassed. We had matching outfits and braided our hair the same, HEY WE WERE COOL THOUGH! haha

Probably my favorite part of shooting the other day was when Elizabeth made Sara sing. HA. Sorry Sara, it was hilarious. But we were so desperate to A. keep her happy and B. make her smile that Sara was a trooper and sang Taylor Swift and also a little Miley Cyrus. It was cute because Elizabeth would whisper what song she wanted and then run back to her “spot” and then sing along with Sara but I had to keep telling her she has to smile at the camera and then she would smile for 2 seconds and then continue on singing … i loved it. Cutest moment ever. And that right there is why I love my job.

Thank you Sara for letting me capture your beautiful children again! And if you want to have 10 babies, I’m sure society would not mind … the more models the better.

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  1. Sara Arens
    Thursday, July 1st, 2010
    ohh They are sooo good, We love them all! Amazing job as usual :) Hope you have a fun time at the lake, and give me a call soon! Thank you soo much leah!
  2. Grandpa and Grandma Meaney
    Thursday, July 1st, 2010
    Great job Leah it brought tears to our eyes there all so good!
    contact us in the fall for a family photo we would love to have
    you take them.
    Sara was right you are very good!!!
  3. Abbey
    Thursday, July 1st, 2010
    Those two are ADORABLE! Great blog post, made me laugh. I LOVE the bright colors and the candy jar. She is just too cute with her model poses and her American Girl Doll :). Great job, Leah! I cannot wait until you take my family photos someday!! :D
  4. Cassie Martin
    Friday, July 2nd, 2010
    OMG you did it again.... another amazing job... I love the pics Leah!!!!!
  5. Ashley Freeman
    Friday, July 2nd, 2010
    GORGEOUS! Those kids are beautiful and amazing creativity leah!