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over the course of the years of being married, september has slowly made its way to one of my favorite months. now i’m starting to realize why. it all started when i first got to decorate my house for the fall season. i loved it. think pottery barn. leaves falling, colder weather approaching, time to take out the boots and dust them off. warm steaming coffees start to taste even better and who could say no to a pumpkin spice latte. although i love the month of september, i find it also being a time when i’m desperately craving winter and needing that time to reflect and get it together again. re-organize my life, get back to my normal routine … catch up with some friends, more sleep. spend more time with my family. not to mention some of the behind the scenes business work : growing, learning, reading, working on my brand and really digging deep and evolving my style over the winter. create some new systems and make them stick. i get goose bumps just thinking about it. [total dork, i know.]

i just love to slow down sometimes. slow isn’t usually in my vocabulary. with anything. cars, motorcycles, horses, work, life. no slow, always go go go. something i’m constantly working on but then again, its me, and i like being me.

for those of you who know what a ‘busy season’ is like, its a hard balance isn’t it?! from april – october is go go for me and then i get five months to re-cooperate and then start all over again. but as time goes on, and i’m sure i’ll be a pro by the time i’m ninety … i’ve learned to really try hard to find that balance. take some time for me. i’ve made a huge lifestyle change the past week and couldn’t be more excited about it. it takes about a month to get a new ‘lifestyle’ or ‘routine’ to become a habit and a way of life … but because i’m excited about it and want to be held accountable, i’m putting it out there now. i will stick to it. for those of you who work everyday and never have any time for yourself … and don’t exercise regularly … i can’t tell you how much you need to make a lifestyle change. coming from someone who was once in your boat, it is so important. like i said, i’ve only been at it for about a week or so but its such an amazing feeling. i KNEW i would say this but i find myself asking, why didn’t i do this before?! I feel so good in the mornings and more confident in myself and feel limitless. because i take that time out of my day to work on myself and my body, i have way more energy and find my self being much more positive, not to mention getting so much more work done because of my energy. so many people motivated me to get to this point whether it was on facebook, twitter, friends and family, and most of all myself motivation that i have always had but was ignoring for so long. work is important but more important is your health and well-being. if those two things are being taken care of then the rest falls into place. one of the many things i’ve been learning lately. if anything, i hope maybe i can motivate you, like so many people have motivated me.





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  1. Tara
    Tuesday, September 27th, 2011
    you are a slow eater.