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Clare Three months

I probably should just let you all know right now I’ll some how always comment or mention how “I can’t believe” when it comes to how time is just flying by. So lets just get that right out there. See, I feel better. So yes, I can’t believe Clare is already 3 months! A week ago! *Cue the insane amount of hair loss, I may be bald soon.*  She seriously is so so sweet + a happy baby [majority of the time]. Obviously every kid has their days but all in all, hitting the 3 month mark has been wonderful.


Most of her days consist of waking up super smiley & happy anywhere in between 7:30-8:30am, of course after an early morning feeding. Then onto greeting brother in his crib and changing diapers back to back. She usually is so smiley in the morning she loves to sit in her bouncy seat and watch me prepare breakfast for Levi & I while kicking her feet and doing what she loves most … blowing bubbles & making fart noises (with her mouth) … the actual farts + blowout usually come shortly after we get dressed for the day.

These days Clare is looking more like Levi everyday but then again she has her own little look. I really can’t pin point it yet. Levi is a spitting image of Matthew, I always wanted a mini-me but go figure, us women do all the work and we have kids that look like our husbands. Which I’m clearly fine with seeing that I think he’s pretty cute too. But still, I like to give Matt some crap. I think she has her daddy’s eyes and obviously her mama’s hair. That I can say is from me. And boy do I just love her hair! It is thee prettiest auburn color [which is in my natural] & I can’t wait to see if it changes as she gets holder or if it will stay. Her eyes are still blue, but I know that changes until they are about 6 months of age. She is having some problems with a clogged tear duct so we’re trying to resolve that, I feel so bad for her when her eye is all goobered up and sealed shut after sleeping. Its even swollen at times. Hoping it gets better soon as we’re doing everything the doctors have recommended! No pain to her though, just annoying to us more so I’d say.

After being super happy all morning, she’ll be ready for a nap about an hour or two after waking up. Life is rough folks. She is super happy, snuggly, loves to make those fart noises, watch her brother like a hawk, smile at anyone who talks to her, snuggle, and she just started laughing. Cutest. Thing. Ever. She doesn’t spit up as much but boy is she drooling like a champ. Tooth already? I know they start drooling even up to a month before the tooth comes through. I believe Levi was 7 months when his first one popped through so it would really surprise me if she got one already. And yes, she bites down while feeding and I yelp in pain.

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You’ll often times find her praying, like in the photo above. She’s a very spiritual girl. We’re just having so much fun with her being a part of our family already. I would say we’re just starting to see some sort of pattern & starting to actually create a schedule/routine for her. Once in a blue moon, she will take a long afternoon nap when Levi is napping as well. You’ll usually find me at that point jumping up & down for joy because I’m about to accomplish something, I’ll make myself some lunch, start a project and then she wakes up. So then we snuggle + play some more waiting for big brother to wake up. When this girl is tired, she lets you know! She seems to want to go down around 8pm so little miss is usually snuggled up in bed and we get a little more one on one time with Levi and do his night time routine.

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Nursing hasn’t been as easy this time around. Levi was an awesome nurser, where as this little peanut has been a little more difficult but again, 3 months has definitely made a huge difference! I got to my breaking point around 2 months and was so tempted to quit. Ever have that mama’s?! I had to go back to work a lot sooner with this little one so she had breastmilk in a bottle at about 4-5 weeks and became super lazy and loved how easy a bottle was. So then the night after a wedding, it was hell and she would not drink from me. We had a few rough days after that and then she would like it again. Then I’d shoot another wedding and be gone again. And we’d start over. We had the opposite problem with Levi, he wouldn’t take a bottle. I made sure I wouldn’t go through that again so gave her one early … and then she didn’t want the boob. Figures. I just kept being persistent and we made it through it. I’ll tell you what though, nursing is so so hard but once you get past those first few hard months, it definitely becomes so much easier and then I just LOVE it. Well, I love it no matter what. I love that I’m doing the best thing I can for her and also the bonding experience is amazing. So hopefully we’re past that hard time and can keep going!

And this little look might be my all time favorite of hers … I call it her “flirty eye” … what can I say, she gets it from her mama! XOXO


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