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august 2012 goals


why hello august. my favorite, oh so favorite month. i personally don’t see august as the end of the summer, but more so it signifies the summer for me. you can laugh at me but i absolutely love the local county fair. yup, i know … dork. i actually raised hogs for the fair for ten years as a young’n so i always camped at the fair and it was just such an exciting time in my childhood that its hard to not get excited for it still. its even where matthew and i first met way back…

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april 2012 goals

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my favorite month is here and i couldn’t be more excited about it. it could be because its my birthday ‘month’ (yes i claim the whole month) … or just because its full of new life, spring cleaning, and warmer days. last month wasn’t that productive for me and i’m excited to start april off differently and with much more motivation. looking back on my goals list, i always write down some of my main goals that will always be something i push myself to do and work on, so i’m thinking i should…

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mid march 2012 goals


i realized it about six days into march that i hadn’t done my monthly goals on the blog and told myself, oh well. thats what sickness does to me, all care goes out the window. i’m hoping your first two weeks of march were much better than mine. after laying low the first week of march with being sick, sunday morning after shooting a wedding and ready to be feeling better … the sickness that was going around the family hit me hard and again, started out my week super slow. and now here we are march 20…

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february 2012 goals + britt

Wow. I just typed in January goals. No Leah, its February already. Need to get that through my head. How did everyone’s start to 2012 go? Just because we’re into the second month of the year doesn’t mean we can forget about our new years resolutions! I’m sticking strong with mine and excited for this month of LOVE and all the fun things planned already. I’ve been starting to shoot a bit more after a winter break and it feels great to have my camera back in my hand. Definitely disappointed with the snowfall we’ve been NOT having in Michigan….

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Happy New Year + January 2012 Goals


I’ve definitely been taking one of my December goals pretty seriously the past few weeks. The whole ‘relaxing’ and enjoying some time off of shooting has been in full swing for me. Hence this blog post being a few days late. The months [and time in general] all flies by so fast, and of course with holidays mixed in there, it goes even faster. I absolutely love the the holiday of New Years Eve and was so excited to spend it up north at our cabin with my friends and family. It is such an exciting time and…

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december 2011 goals


we all know i’m a little disappointed that we don’t have any snow right now but i’m hoping and praying that its coming soon. and maybe it will feel a bit more christmas-y when its here. i just LOVE snow, christmas music, scarfs and mittens … i’ve even come to love brushing off my car because that means we got some snow! not to mention its still boot season, and boy do i love boot season.

during the month of december i try to do something i rarely do. Relax. and because that is my main goal for…

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november 2011 goals


happy november!

not sure how its here already but it is. trust me … i didn’t believe it either but after checking a few different sources it is definitely here. this is such a happy month though. think of all the happiness that happens. we get to spend more time with our families and remember what we’re thankful for. instead of thinking about all that we want in life, we remember all that we have. something i need to do more in life. oh and we can’t forget that we get to eat pumpkin pie … my one…

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october 2011 goals


holy crap. this is getting a bit ridiculous. how in the heck are we already to october?! i feel as though i was in a coma for the past month! i’ve been working hard at catching up and shooting a lot trying to catch the beautiful colors of autumn here in michigan. we’re almost to full color and my week is crammed. september i was desperately craving some time to catch up and relax but its looking like november is going to be more of that month for me. perfect timing for the holidays and i plan to…

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september 2011 goals

i made it. for months and months i starred in awe at my planner at the month of august and wasn’t sure if i would be able to make it through. i’m happy to report to everyone that i’m alive and strong. august is done and although september is crazy as well, i’m happy to be through it. somewhat. it makes me kind of sad that summer is coming to an end and looking back on all the beautiful wedding days i was a part of and all the fun people i photographed, it makes me smile when thinking…

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august 2011 goals


probably one of thee most craziest months of my life. i am half unpacked from my out of town wedding, vacation, and trying to catch up. but i love being busy and that is how i role. so therefore, august will probably be one of the best months yet. i’m pretty excited about the next eight weddings i have in a row, five of which are in august. this job is taking me to some pretty fun places like chicago and charlevoix … meeting some awesome people. i’m stoked. discipline is going to be huge this month and…

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