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breaking the silence

Sorry for the long silence. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been fighting off a case of connection burnout. internet connection that is. i haven’t been on facebook for a couple weeks, and no blogging. it’s healthy sometimes i think, in a world where we’re connected so often. i recently wrote about it HERE. I did take the time to update a few things on the website along with a few things on the blog and am excited to finally go live with them. just some small things for now. i’m slowly getting back into the swing of things now and want to thank everyone who checked back here for it to be live and also those who sent concerned messages, sorry for making you worry.

Originally, i thought i would just take a week or two off from being connected but that quickly turned into several more. i needed some time to recharge. especially before busy wedding season starts. this break wasn’t really planned but more so purposeful and healthy. i loved it and challenge you to do the same sometimes. when i feel burned out i have the tendency to retreat into my own bubble for a period of time. i love my bubble. i’m pretty sure its a good thing. but its just the way i role.

i continued to tweet and am actually starting to really love twitter. at first i thought it was dumb but just like i did with leggings (which now i’m obsessed with) i slowly learned it and fell in love. i feel like it connects you but not too much like facebook does sometime. although i have been disconnected for a bit, i still have been keeping busy behind the scenes and excited to blog a few photoshoots i’ve done and update you readers on my life and growth over the past few months. this blog is here for me to share my work and what i love to do so much with everyone. i once read on jamie delaine’s blog that she thinks of her blog as her ‘my little corner of the internet’ … such a good analogy of what this is suppose to be. me showing my personality and my work. not always what i’m doing 24/7 and or every last detail about my life. i like to keep somethings to myself and my family.

enough about that … what have i been loving lately? running, reading, cleaning, a new church group …. working at coffee shops with my friend Abby A … hanging out with my husband and dog. lifes been grand. what has zoey been up to?! … welp, sleeping, eating, napping, pooping, getting into the trash (her only fault and she comes by that honestly) and playing with keno (my parents german shepard). she has also been livin’ the life.

ashley + dave’s engagement session sneakie peakie.

also check out fellow grand rapids photographer Mindy Leigh who wrote the sweetest blogpost about her with journey to disconnect. i love when i can inspire someone just like so many people inspire me. happy wednesday.



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  1. Saturday, March 12th, 2011
    Hi Leah,
    Firstly I'm loving that photo! It is so beautifully captured, and I love their expressions. Secondly, I've been disconnected lately too. Not intentionally, but for a few weeks now I've just been a bit distant from my blog and the internet, which is very unlike me - but as you said, it's been so beneficial and healthy for me, to recharge. Keep up the gorgeous work! :)
  2. Jessica
    Monday, March 14th, 2011
    *I* need to disconnect. I've missed your blog though, I love seeing your work... don't do that again! ;)
  3. Friday, March 18th, 2011
    SWEEET pics of the kids
  4. Pilar Palaboonda
    Monday, March 21st, 2011
    I want credit for the sled.