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bonding with irelyn

while reading a book on procrastination this week, all i want to do is defeat it. conquer this monster that i have fought for too long. but our days and weeks don’t always go as planned and this week has been nothing short of inconvenient for me. but there is a reason why everything happens and we may not always know or plan for it. that’s what makes life exciting right?! after a few unplanned things happened this week and put me a bit behind my ideal schedule i had written out monday morning … i told my sister tara i would snap a few more pictures of my beautiful niece irelyn. i have to keep my word and so i just MADE time for it and had a day being a mommy. practice 😉

i picked up irelyn in the morning and while driving around and looking back and this adorable baby smiling at me in her car seat i felt pretty cool … and special. not only is she like a mini me but it was so nice for her to get out and be an only child for once. i can totally handle the one, sometimes the two gets a little much for me (i’m new to this).but she was smiling from ear to ear i think enjoying our time together too.

during these winter months … and now early spring months, you will be seeing a lot of my nephew and niece. which i’m sure you don’t mind because i must say that i love them and love sharing some of these photographs that we will cherish forever of these two. on our bonding day … i got a few of this smiley girl in her birthday onesie. i can’t believe she is already one. we had such an amazing day together and i will take her off of tara’s hands any day. more to come soon.



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  1. Tara
    Thursday, March 31st, 2011
  2. Matt
    Friday, April 1st, 2011
    She is pretty cute!! Great pics Leah!!!
  3. Friday, April 1st, 2011
    Seriously leah, She looks like you :) too cute!
    Dont they grow up so fast! cute pics!