blonde vs. brunette

thanks to pintrest, i’m even more indecisive that usual. so i’m calling all blog readers to help me. as you can see, i’ve piled together wayyyy too many pictures i’ve been pinning on pintrest for a long time now, celebs, random girls … just any hair color that caught my eye.

so lets talk color. i have posted two boards that are more of a dirty blonde and also one that is darker browns. i am all over the spectrum today. i have been super blonde, dirty blonde, lighter brown, and even super dark. i personally don’t like to change my hair color due to the seasons so just because summer is around the corner doesn’t mean i need to be blonde. in fact, being darker … i would want to be tan and seeing that i don’t tan in a tanning bed, i would say that it would be a good choice for summer. looking at these photos though, i can see i’m leaning towards the blonde/brown mixture. LOVE lauren conrads color, very natural … but also in love with julianne hough, kate beckinsale, ashley olsen, mary-kate olsen, mila kunis, jennifer aniston, kristen cavalliari, selena gomez, along with nina dobrev. a lot of women walk into a salon and expect the stylist to be a miracle maker and make them look like these celebs … i personally understand tara isn’t going to make me look like any of these gorgeous woman … so i’m really trying to take in consideration my features and what we’re working with here.

cut. so as you all know, my hair is super long. i love it. i cut my hair short after getting married only because it was something i had never done before. my parents wouldn’t let me cut my hair when i was younger and it kind of became a fear of mine. so looking back, i’m glad i did it. but i can’t say i want to ever have short hair again. it just wasn’t me. i didn’t feel like leah. i won’t say NEVER, but not right now. the only thing about cut that i’m debating is to have some layers, face framing [kind of like julianne hough in the movie footloose] or to keep it the way it is. super long layers [i have to have SOME layers because my hair is so thick] but looking at nina dobrev’s hair along with kate beckinsale … i love the long face layers.

so there it is folks. while writing this its making me realize how ‘all over the board’ i am right now haha. t minus four hours until i get it done so i would LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear your thoughts. when i’m SUPER indecisive, i thought why not just share on the blog this fine afternoon and see what my followers think?! maybe share what direction you think i should go in?! or even a certain number you are loving?! i’ve never seen #8 in person and thinking that would be super fun and different. can’t make any promises though … who knows i might look the exact same … which is okay ;) happy tuesday!






  1. Kate Touzel 4/10/12 3:20 PM

    you crack me up lol .. 20 or 26 you hottie!

  2. amanda vanvels 4/10/12 3:24 PM

    1, 3, and 11 are my favorites. stay blonde! i like the color that lauren conrad has and her long wavy hair.

  3. Steph 4/10/12 3:29 PM

    Blonde! I like #5

  4. Leah Mullett 4/10/12 3:31 PM

    i crack myself up too katie ;) but i figure, why not blog about it! thanks for your input!

  5. Julie 4/10/12 3:45 PM

    Go for 8!

  6. Jennifer 4/10/12 3:52 PM

    I love #7 or #20 and I say blonde too! :)

  7. Katie McConnell 4/10/12 3:56 PM

    I love 8 and 31

  8. Lauren Dykstra 4/10/12 5:42 PM

    Maybe I’m too late, but I like 20 and 32… in between the blonde and brunette! :)

  9. Jaclyn 4/10/12 6:04 PM

    31 is gorge

  10. Kristin Wise 4/10/12 9:42 PM

    I love 15 and like 8 for something a little more edgy! A shade of blonde looks great on you (from your photos I have seen). Good luck!

  11. Katie 4/10/12 11:17 PM

    My next move is the ombré look. You should join me:)!!!

  12. Pam 4/11/12 1:44 PM

    I love #4 or #31!

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