40 week bump :: baby #2

Due date has come and gone and I’m not surprised this little stubborn baby hasn’t made his or her debut yet. It think IT is super comfy in there. But mama isn’t so comfy. Although I’m such a weirdo and already know I’m going to miss being pregnant. Even though it feels like I’ve been pregnant for 3 years straight when you put breastfeeding in the middle of the pregnancies! Matthew and I just love to lay in bed and talk about the fact that we’re about to be blessed with another little baby and we just never even imagined such blessings and so close together! I am so excited, nervous, excited, scared, anxious, thankful … so many more words to describe what I’m feeling but all those things rolled up into PUMPED. Labor/delivery was obviously super painful but I also loved the experience at the same time and am excited to be a team again with Matthew and birth another babe. He keeps reminding me before bed every night … we got this babe. Yes we do!


How far along: 40 weeks, 3 days
Gender prediction: AHHH. No clue with this baby! I’m going to guess boy even though I subconsciously have been leaning towards a girl, and accidentally wearing a lot of pink.
Maternity Clothes: Yes! Mixing in with some non-maternity pieces that work during pregnancy but towards the end, you almost have to if your belly is as big as mine because otherwise it hangs out the bottom. I have been living in maxi dresses as you all know! Yet again another amazing PinkBlush Maternity Maxi I have on in these photos! [sold out in the above color as of now, but they still have the orchard purple I wore a few posts back]. Favorit-est dress ever! Hence why I got it in 2 colors! I love the sleeves, length of the maxi, and then pairing it with fun accessories like this denim vest or a blingin’ necklace like I did with the purple version of this dress. Love love love. 
Not so good lately. I thought for sure I was going into labor Thursday night with some pretty intense contractions [which faded away], and just all around being super uncomfortable. It also seems to be the time when the baby is super active and wiggles around and there just isn’t much room in there so it hurts pretty bad. I’m still walking around like a champ though during the day. Getting out of bed in the middle of the night to go the bathroom is getting harder and harder as well. I sometimes have to wake Matthew up to help me and make noises that I would assume an 85 year old woman makes when getting out of bed. 
Best moment this week:
 Just the anticipation of meeting this little one is so fun. Yes the planner in me has a wee bit anxiety about not knowing the sex of the baby but the surprise in the delivery room way out weighs that for us. I just can’t wait for that moment! ITS A ….. !!!! Also really drives me to push through labor to have that exciting news waiting for me at the end of the tunnel you know?! 
Lots of stretches lately … and I don’t think my skin can stretch much more. [insert scared face here] 
Miss anything:
Sleeping. But who am I kidding. I won’t get that back after baby is here soooo…..
Not much of an appetite lately, which clearly means something is happening soon.
Queasy or sick: Haven’t been feeling 100% the past week or so. Body is definitely getting ready!
Labor signs: I’ve had quite a bit of signs lately. I really hope my water breaks again, but not sure I’ll get that lucky. Contractions, loss of appetite, nauseous at times, other lovely pregnancy things I’ll spare you from.
To Do List before baby: Nada!!! Whew. That felt amazing.
Looking forward to:
Meeting you baby girl or boy!!!!!! I can’t wait to kiss you and snuggle you and share you with our loved ones!


If you’re expecting too, make sure to check out PinkBlush Maternity for some maxi’s! They have so many awesome sales too! I personally love THIS maxi if you’re expecting a fall baby! Or THIS grey one too. It would photograph so good for maternity photos paired with a fun accessory. Let me just say again, these things are comfy! And its so important to be comfortable while taking your maternity photos, at your baby shower, and heck … just everyday! I’ve also tried on this dress and LOVED it but just didn’t have anywhere fun to wear it to. If you have a baby shower coming up, definitely a good option! Or heck, even a babymoon planned with a fancy dinner date with the hubby! Again, I was surprised with how comfy it was! If it helps anyone, I am usually a medium. So maxi’s + jeans are my top maternity clothes recommendations!


Next baby post will hopefully be announcing our new little one! Can’t wait to share and thank you to all those who have followed me along this crazy journey yet again! God is so good!

xoxo, Leah

tips for baby #2 + maternity jeans

Like most mothers of one, I’m nervous to bring a new baby home and to make sure Levi doesn’t feel any animosity towards the new little one, and still gets attention from me even though I’m going to have my hands full with a baby latched to my boob every two seconds I’m sure.

I’ve been reaching out to friends and family, along with friends on instagram for tips & tricks to make number ONE go from only child with all the attention to sharing mom and dad with a baby and have gotten some great advice! So I put them all together and wanted to share! I of course am still nervous and will be until we’re there, which is any day now … but this list is making me feel much better about it. So hopefully it helps some of you mama’s in the same boat! And PLEASE if you have any tips you would like to share if you’re an expert, I would LOVE to try them!

1. Letting Levi HELP with the baby. changing diapers, getting baby dressed, burping [scary I know], etc. Levi is only 17 months as of today, so I’m not sure how interested he’ll be in helping but its worth a shot and you never know! Definitely a great idea if your first is a little bit older and “independent”. I know my niece would do great with this. She loves to help.
2. Keep your rituals! Loved this one! I think this one is going to be huge for us. Levi is very much a routine baby [yes, he is still a baby in my eyes. I refuse to call him a toddler] … So making sure he still gets his same routine at night and in the mornings will be key I think!
3. Taking care of yourself is a great tip that will help you be the best mom you can be to both children. And rest = more energy! I need to remember that.
4. Read while breastfeeding. Make sure to give them attention while feeding the babe so they don’t feel left out.
5. When newborn is napping, make sure to enjoy that one on one with number one! And then the opposite! I’m not sure when I’ll clean or do laundry … that stuff can always wait right?! [Oh dear]
6. Have a special toy basket for your older child while you feed the second babe. Love this!
7. Make sure they still feel important + work up the excitement about being a big brother or sister
8. Purchase a big brother or big sister book
9. Try to push the “BIG” boy or girl comments so that when baby is here, they can start to understand the differences between a baby and a big boy/girl. Which will make them feel way cool.
10. Go on a date day/night with number one every so often. I’m thinking every other week would be nice. Levi will obviously have a lot of one on one time with Matthew, but I want to make sure he has this with me still too. So although I’ll be breastfeeding, I’m going to try to plan a few “dates” with my first little man. Weather it is to a park, playground of some sort, even my sister’s sand box [huge hit], or perhaps swimming this summer with other friends. Just to devote all my attention to him.


And speaking of dates, one of our favorite dates is walks to the ice cream shop! I mean … if you walk there it doesn’t count right?! And can I just note that I am even wearing JEANS at almost 40 weeks pregnant?! SAYYY WHAAATTTT?!?!? I know, I know … insane. Even with my super swollen legs + feet. Long story short, my first pregnancy I refused to buy “maternity jeans” … I felt like they were all dorky and I could totally make non maternity jeans work. I even went out and bought a size up and just wore bella bands, rubber bands holding my pants shut, or my favorite … just letting the zipper hang wide open and dig into the bottom of my belly. I made it to about 34 weeks and then my mom got sick of hearing me complain about it and surprised me with my first pair. And holy cow was I so mad at myself I wasted so much time! The ones she got me weren’t the most stylish but with this pregnancy I’ve done some searching and found some super fun/stylish maternity jeans and am so so in love with them. So comfy! Truth: I have no plans to go back to regular jeans. I kid, I kid … orrrrr doooo iiiiii …..


Like all my fun comfy maternity maxi’s, these jeans are from PinkBlush Maternity online. I actually ordered the perfect size from the git go. Just order your normal pre-pregnancy size and they should work. Make sure you read what the jean material is too. The girls at PinkBlush helped me by mentioning if it contains more cotton, it tends to be a little bit tighter with less stretch. Might be obvious but I wasn’t reading them prior so I’m so glad she mentioned that. So all mama’s to be out there, please invest in some maternity jeans! You will never regret it, and you don’t need a ton of pairs. One or two and cycle that in with some maxi’s, leggings, yoga pants, and you’ll be golden for 10 months.

So there you have it. Maternity jeans are the s*** and tips I’ll be trying for the next few months! I’m going to try to loose the baby weight faster this go around BUT … I should probably stick to my tips list and still do #10 and walk to the ice cream shop with Levi, right?!?! Again, it doesn’t count if you walk. True story. I’ll be sure to let you guys know how it is going, and as always … I’ll be completely honest. Nothing goes perfect, but hopefully this will help it go a little smoother! What are your tips & tricks mama’s of 2 or more?!

39 week bump :: baby mullett #2

It’s due date week! Holy moly! I feel like I just found out I was pregnant! This babe could technically come any day now, and let me tell ya … the bump is large and in charge. I just love getting the comments when I’m out in public, “I hope you’re due any day now” … it isn’t so bad now that I can answer back YES! This week! Better than when I got a few of those comments and I was like “ummmm nope, I have like 2 more months” … sweet. Thanks guy.

pinkblushweek39blog 1

Feeling pretty good so far still. Obviously the normal aches and pains of pregnancy but all in all, happy as can be and I actually told this baby to give me a few more days if he or she will. So I hope it listens! I did the same thing with Levi, went into a panic mode right before my due date feeling like I have so much that needs to be done before they come when realistically I know that I am all set. “All you need is a boob and a blanket” is what my mom reminds me daily. Thanks mom. Very true. Check and check.

I’ve been getting some comments lately asking about my maternity wardrobes so I wanted to share a few outfits the next few posts that I absolutely LOVE while pregnant and highly recommend! My first pregnancy I was all about wearing normal non maternity clothes and making it work, I’m talking even the jeans … rubber bands, bella band … letting the zipper just hang wide open … I did it all. It worked great in the beginning but once I started getting to the end of my pregnancy, I decided to purchase just a few maternity pieces and boy was I mad I took so long to take the plunge!

pinkblushweek39blog 2

I’m obviously a sucker for a pink maxi. Heck, I’m a sucker for a maxi as you can tell! GO TO outfit for being pregnant during the summer FOR SURE. I am so in love with this maxi from PinkBlush Maternity! Holy comfy! It really does make a difference when something is designed for a big ‘ole pregnant bump. I absolutely love the length because lets be honest, my cankles need to be covered at this point in the pregnancy. And obviously THIS DRESS would last you throughout the whole pregnancy so I’ve been wearing it non-stop as my belly gets bigger and bigger.

pinkblushweek39blog 3

pinkblushweek39blog 4

How far along: 39 weeks, 4 days [39 weeks in these photos]
Gender prediction: Ahhh, I’m scared to change my guess now but I think this week I’m going to say GIRL! Maybe its why I’m always going towards pink to wear subconsciously
Maternity Clothes: YES! Mixed with a few non-maternity pieces as well. Or finding things that work for both! Maternity maxi dresses from PinkBlush Maternity are a huge hit in my book! 
Eh, not so good anymore. I’m having a hard time shutting my brain down and not to mention more bathroom trips in the middle of the night. Its pretty painful when I first get out of bed but once I start walking around it gets better. I just look like a crippled fat lady when I get out of my bed for the first few waddling steps. 
Best moment this week:
 Celebrating Matthew on Father’s Day with Levi. He seriously is such an amazing father and more importantly these days … husband to me! He’s been helping me more than normal lately as I’m getting bigger and bigger and knocking things off the ‘Hunny Do List’ like a pro.
Lots of rolls from side to side. The weirdest feeling is when it moves its head around way down there. You mama’s know what I’m talking about! He or she is always stretching their legs out as far as possible on my right side. So I get to feel little feetsies all day every day. My favorite.
Miss anything:
Not being in pain when I get out of bed. Its getting a little old these days. I’m super excited to work on my body this time around and loose some weight too. Also looking forward to seeing my feet skinny. It seriously scares me sometimes when I look down and they don’t even feel like my own feet and legs! 
Candy, Water! [huge deal for me], Ice cream [all day every day, my whole life], food food food. I’ve been eating anything and everything in sight lately. Good thing I didn’t have this my whole pregnancy because I would have gained a lot more if so!
Queasy or sick: I was actually super nauseous last week, every morning [deja vu] … which made me think I was going to go into labor early but lately have been feeling back to normal for the most part. I definitely think my body is prepping for delivery!
Labor signs: Lots and lots of Braxton hicks, sometimes painful … and then the nauseous-ness I was feeling last week. Also crampy somedays due to baby dropping … getting so close!!!!
To Do List before baby: Matthew painted our bedroom! The bassinet, swing, bouncy seat, rock n play, carseat are all washed and ready! Newborn gender neutral clothes are also washed and in the drawers! I’m so terrible but I still need to pack my hospital bag TONIGHT. Eekkk. Would love to clean out my car, aka have Matthew … before the baby comes! But obviously isn’t  super important. Also lots of odds and ends to do. Especially with work, prepping for maternity leave and preparing for weddings I am shooting later this summer/fall when I return to work. 
Looking forward to:
Meeting this little baby and finding out what IT is! I’m so so excited! More anxious to know than I was with Levi. I’m just so clueless. Also, not looking forward to the pain but I do just LOVE the whole labor/delivery experience so I’m very excited about that and staying at the hospital because it is like the best hospital ever! Can’t wait to say those words to Matthew, “LETS GO” … or like last time, “MY WATER JUST BROKE!” …. I would be oh so happy if my water broke again! That was awesome! You just KNOW you are in labor then and there are no questions about it. That baby is coming! Also was nice because my contractions didn’t start for a little bit so we slowly got ready to go, which I hate being rushed so that was nice!

pinkblushweek39blog 5

Can’t wait to share the news! I’ll be posting on instagram for sure right away and will try to post something quickly on the blog too for those of you who are way behind the times and do not have instagram ;) … follow me @LeahMullett if you do have it! Hopefully I can post a few more outfits I’ve been wearing before that happens though! Give mommy a couple more days baby! Happy Tuesday!

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