Life with Clare

It’s official. Life goes by way too fast. Our little Clare is 12 weeks old and life has been so much fun since she came into our family. Don’t get me wrong, its a lot of work having two babies and we have our days, or I do at least … but all in all, it feels so RIGHT having Clare in our family. I still am in shock even 12 weeks later that we have ourselves a little girl. Wondering when that shock will wear off?

I will definitely post monthly updates as the kiddos grow, but wanted to share what life has been like since little miss Clare made her debut back in July. Lots of catching up to do on here. So for now, I went through some photos [what seems like millions] and tried to narrow down my favorite few of the little miss to share [impossible]. I may or may not have gotten a little teary eyed. She has changed so much already!

She has such a little personality already, I just think she is soooo sweet! Unless I just got food, then she’s not so sweet. She is so so smily & always opens her little mouth open like a baby bird. Its the cutest thing. She loves starring at the arrow over Levi’s changing pad and smiling so big at it while kicking her legs and trying to tell it a story. Again, cutest thing. I’m just so obsessed with her hair! Its so fun and has a beautiful auburn color in it, which Matthew and I both have as well. She sleeps great at night, not so great during the day … just the past few weeks. The first few months she slept seriously all the time it almost worried me, and then I jinxed myself as I knew I would by telling everyone that.

Levi is doing awesome with Clare so far! Although, he nearly pokes her eyes out almost daily when he points them out. He always comes up to her and says, “Hi Baby” in the sweetest little high pitch baby voice. I think its so funny how we all have that little baby voice we talk to babies with and its obviously just a natural thing because even a 20 month old BABY does it.

He also says “uh oh” when she cries and everrrrry once in a while will attempt to shove her paci in her mouth. Literally shove. So I constantly have my eye on both of them. So as long as I let my to do list fly out the window, I’m good! When I think about it too much I get a little stressed but trying to just soak in these new baby snuggles because I think technically in like 8 days she isn’t a ‘newborn’ anymore … so just a warning, I will probably be a hot mess that day. Don’t call me.

Here’s a little glimpse into life with our little Clare.

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Meet: Clare Elizabeth

We welcomed our little baby GIRL to the world on Tuesday, July 7 at 5:11am. Miss Clare Elizabeth weighed 8lbs, 9oz and was 20-1/2in long.



I was & still am so shocked we have ourselves a little baby girl! Before little Clare came, Matthew and I along with the nurses and doctor wrote on the white board our guesses on the sex, weight, and length of the babe and I put my final guess in as a boy. So when she came and they put HER on my chest, I just couldn’t stop saying I CAN’T BELIEVE ITS A GIRL! MATTHEW WE HAVE A GIRL!!! Such an amazing feeling & moment that I wish I could re-live over and over again. I highly recommend waiting to find out the sex of your babe! I know so many people say they can’t do it but I promise you, you can. And that moment when you find out in the delivery room is like no other. I too like to “plan”, I’m a huge planner … but there are just no surprises in todays world and I love being old fashion about it and waiting. The anticipation is so fun. And once the babe is here, it’s still so much fun to shop and put together their space. Especially after you meet them.



I know some people have asked for me to share my birth story and I’m thinking about it & maybe even share Levi’s seeing that Matthew journaled it all. [Let me know if that is something you’d like me to share] But I can tell you this, IT. WAS. INTENSE. And so so different than my labor + delivery with Levi. I ended up having to be ‘somewhat’ induced [I’ll explain in a later post] due to being 11 days overdue. We know for sure my due date was spot on seeing that I had multiple ultrasounds in the very beginning of my pregnancy so we just wanted to get the little babe out while we knew it was healthy and didn’t want to keep waiting for potential issues to arise. I feared that being induced would make labor much worse and boy was I right. But once little Clare was here, we were on cloud 9 and have been there ever since.

I’m so very thankful the Lord blessed us with another healthy baby. I know it may sound cheesy and you hear this a lot but its crazy to me how once he or she is here, it’s like you can’t imagine life without them and they fit right in with your family. I just can’t imagine life without Levi or Clare.




Levi is doing great with his little sister [aside from nearly poking her eyes out everyday while pointing out her features] but still, so much better than I originally thought he’d do! I’m still always on high alert … toddlers just can’t be trusted with a precious new baby around. So I can’t let them out of my sight, at all. If she is in her swing, I just have to be close by. Othewise she pretty much goes room to room with me so yes, I’ve already created a monster who wants to be held all the time. But to be honest, I don’t mind. As long as I let my ‘to do list’ go and remember these newborn snuggles don’t last forever!



Can’t wait to catch you all up with life with Clare the past 11 weeks! How on earth has it been 11 weeks already, I don’t know. But its been so much fun & feels completely normal to have her here with us that I almost forget what life was like before she came. Weird. We just love our little sissy!


Thank you so very much to my dear friend Alisa who captured this amazing time in our lives! We will cherish these forever and I’m so thankful for a friend like you!

New Blog + New Baby

It was long overdue, so the blog finally got a facelift! Thank goodness! So much has changed in my life since the last blog design that I really felt like it needed an update. I’m really hoping to shape this blog more so around my life & personal shenanigans with some photography goodness thrown on here as well.

I am still doing photography even after the babes, so make sure to spread the word. Just not shooting near as many as I did in the past, seeing that I have my two babes to spend time with now. So I’m taking a select few weddings a year, along with a select amount of portrait sessions a month. My full website & portfolio will be up in the next month with all updated photos. Until then you can always click on the topic; wedding, on the right hand sidebar. I would love to meet some more of my readers & snap some pretty pictures for you! Emailing me through the site is the best way to chat about that so please do!

Since my last post, which was at the end of June, we’ve welcomed a little baby into our family! So no, I am not currently 51 weeks pregnant. Although we waited a looooong eleven days past my due date to finally MAKE that baby come out! If you haven’t been following my journey on instagram (@leahmullett) then be sure to check back tomorrow as baby makes it’s first appearance on the blog!

Thank you so much to all my family, friends, and readers who have stuck with me through these baby makin’ years and kept checking my blog even when I didn’t blog enough. Its definitely a lot harder to blog, work, shower, eat, shit, etc etc, when you have babies but I’m going to fully commit and do my very best! I’m slowly but surely learning that everything with two kids is a strategy. You always have to be prepared and ready and have a plan! Would love love loooove to hear what you all think of the new blog! Its been a lot of work and so thankful for the team of people who helped me put it together! I really feel like its ME this time around.

And because every blogpost needs a photo, here you go. Who doesn’t love some yummy baby feet.