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I was chatting with my cousin yesterday about how this summer has just been weird. Does anyone else agree? If you’re from Michigan like me then I think you understand what I’m saying. First off the temperature hasn’t been that hot, which frankly I’m okay with … we barely had any good thunderstorms, which frankly I’m NOT okay with … and it seriously feels like summer is just starting when it actually is coming to an end. What. The. Heck. I just don’t get it.

We celebrated my nieces SECOND birthday end of May and again, I was like what the heck. This just isn’t right. I feel like I JUST watched her be born. Or when Brittany slammed 3 pregnancy tests on the table in front of me.

We celebrated this little diva’s birthday singing on the front porch with a finding memo cake and she was pumped. She is a feisty one like her mother … let me tell you. But boy do we love her. And so thankful for this gift that has changed Brittany for the better. Brittany is such an amazing mother and they are quite the duo. Speaking of the feisty, we got as many fun shots of Mila in front of these gorgeous sunflowers but then she was done, so of course I played around with my sister who is also a great model ;)

My husband actually texted me one day with a photo of this little field of flowers that he had found when he was driving. Score! I was so impressed he found it. And of course there were crowds of people there taking photos as well. Its just too pretty. Glad we snapped these before they died.

So here are some of my favorites of my little niece Mila, love her curls, gab between her teeth, and her love for Levi. She seriously is obsessed with him. And is usually busy shoving paci’s in his mouth. Literally, shoving.

Happy Monday! xoxo




































  1. tina rae 8/18/14 6:10 PM


  2. Liz Rotz 8/18/14 10:34 PM

    1. I’m so glad to see your blog posts again ;)
    2. Some day when the hubs and I make a trip to MI I’m 100% scheduling a mini session with you! you are so gosh darn talented!
    3. I hope Levi is doing well, more baby pictures! ;)

  3. Morgan Vander Schaaf 8/19/14 9:36 PM

    You are sooo talented Leah! These are amazing and I’m so anxious to see mine. I had an amazing time!

  4. Leah Mullett 8/20/14 1:28 PM

    Thank you so much Liz! That means so much to me and I will be sure to share more pictures of Levi! He is growing soooo fast! Too fast ;)

  5. Leah Mullett 8/20/14 1:28 PM

    Morgan! You are so sweet! Getting close to sharing your photos!!! I can’t wait for you to see them! xoxo

august 2014 goals


Holy smokies. It’s August. Hope everyone has been having a lovely summer so far! Of course its been flying by but it has been the best summer yet with our little man by our side. I just love having him experience things for the first time, even though he may not realize what is happening yet. Boat rides, cabin trips, cottage trips, lots and lots of walks in awesome places, swimming in pools and lakes, rides on 4 wheelers and rangers. Oh and of course horse rides.

A few weeks ago, we went up north to our families cottage with my sister and her kids [I was on 'workcation' ... working while relaxing]. Where I snapped this photo of my niece Isla and her adorable floppy hat and bikini. I actually bought this swimsuit for Irelyn a few years ago. Its so fun to see it on Isla now, and of course makes me think, wow … time just flies. I think I say that every post.

I’m going to start off this week with a few of my August goals. August is always the craziest month of the year for me I’m pretty sure so I’m looking forward to it but hoping it isn’t all of a sudden September tomorrow.

August goals

Blog regularly, catch up  my blog with my recent work and life adventures
Spend some time at the local fair [I grew up raising hogs at the fair so its near and dear to my heart]
Read a book
Photograph Levi’s 6 month pics
celebrate our 7 year anniversary with a date night
attend my favorite hillbilly event of the year, NASCAR!
Shoot 3 weddings [1 down, 2 to go]
Organize my computers [just added a MacBook Pro to the line up!]
celebrate our 11 year dating anniversary at the end of the month
Bring Levi to the beach for the first time
Go up north to cabin or cottage and work with my new laptop! Weirdly excited to do that!

Happy August! My favorite month!


levi matthew :: newborn

I just have to share some of Levi’s newborn photos we had taken at just the ripe age of 4 days old. Throughout my pregnancy I just planned on photographing the newborn photos myself … not to mention I do love the lifestyle approach to these types of pictures … but while in the hospital an online friend [thanks Janelle ;)] texted me and shared that there was a local photographer looking for some new fresh babies to photograph with her new props! So I emailed her and was so excited to have someone else photograph Levi and I got to experience newborn photography from the ‘other side’ and it was so nice and relaxing. Instead of having a camera in my hand I just starred at the baby being photographed all cute and rolled into a perfect little naked ball of perfection and thought to myself, holy poo … that adorable baby is MINE. And I enjoyed every second of it.







Highly recommend Picsie Studios! She was so amazing and really knows what she is doing with little teeny tiny babies! Not to mention, very reasonably priced. So thankful for these photos because they really do just change so much and way too fast. Thank you, thank you, thank you Picsie studio! ;)

  1. Taylor 6/2/14 4:19 PM

    He is so stinkin’ adorable!!! I love these pictures! Gorgeous.