39 week bump

Okay, forgive me … the photos this week aren’t anything exciting. And I am not guessing a girl all of a sudden, I just had my sister snap these photos at her house the other day while celebrating Isla’s birthday. So this little sign is in Isla’s room, so cute right?! I’m actually almost done with my 39th week of pregnancy and about to say hello 40 weeks! So insane! The morning after this photo was taken, I had a doctor’s appointment and it was so exciting to hear that the baby dropped a ton more. I definitely can feel it and my bump looks so different. I actually measured 2cm smaller than the week before because of the babies head dropping down so much so that is nice to hear that there is SOME progress being made.

I’m totally going to miss being pregnant, but … I’m also ready to meet this little babe.


How far along: 39 weeks, 5 days
Nadda … and the baby isn’t even here yet. My body gearing up for the long sleepless nights is what most are saying.
Best moment this week:
Celebrating my niece’s birthday with friends and family [my sister is glad I made it through the party but now says I'm good to go into labor], Matthew and I got a lot done around the house … well, Matt did because I’m suppose to be ‘resting’ and propping my feet up so he did most of the work but we made a dent on my crazy nesting to do list so that made me feel so much better, we put the bassinet in our bedroom [so crazy there will be a little baby in there soon], hearing today that the head has gone wayyyy down compared to last week was exciting! I measured 2 cm smaller than last week because of that. Which I can definitely feel that I’ve dropped even more!
Lots of stretches and hiccups
Miss anything:
Is it weird that I already know I’m going to miss pregnancy and I’m sad that I’m to the end?! Trying to enjoy this last few days, week, or however long I have!
Food cravings:
Nothing this week. Food is just not sounding good these days … I’m to that point.
Maternity Clothes: Yes … very limited actually. A lot of my maternity stuff isn’t even fitting, even though my ‘bump’ has technically gotten smaller, I would say leggings and some yoga pants are the most common thing you’ll find me in these days! I’m over maternity jeans this week. Sounds too hard to put on haha.
Anything making you queasy or sick:
I’m getting some waves of nausea here and there. Night time stinks. I get super crampy and just not feeling one hundred percent lately. But still smiling!!! :) For the most part, I’m still feeling great. Just aches and pains as the baby sinks further down, and night time just plain ole stinks.
Have you started to show yet:
About to pop
Gender prediction: Boy! I’m sticking with it! But would be sooo happy with a girl too! Just have a feeling its a boy. I did however have a dream the other day it was a girl! First one this whole pregnancy! Maybe because people are guessing girl lately.
Labor signs: No
Belly button in or out: Blown out
Wedding rings on or off: Stuck on
Happy or Moody most of the time:
Happy/excited/anxious/nervous all mixed together!!!!
Looking forward to:
I know labor is no fun, but I’m excited for it to be GO TIME. Whether that is waking up Matthew or calling him at work, I look forward to saying the words, ITS TIME! … and then the after part scares the shit out of me haha ;)
How is Zoey handling the news:
We’re preparing Zoey this week by buying her a ‘gift basket’ to take home from the hospital with baby and we also had a lengthy conversation about a few things we’re going to do to introduce the two. Matthew will be taking home a swaddle blanket that smells like the baby the night before we come home and letting Zoey sniff and get used to the babies smell. Along with the gift basket and she will be staying at our house while we’re gone verses taking her away from her home and then welcoming her back with this little baby. We want to make sure she takes this baby on as her own, if you know what I mean. Excited to see the two meet. Totally going to be a photo op.



How ’bout that pregnancy swollen face?! I am soooo swollen everywhere and still on ‘light’ bedrest since a week and a half ago. Doing my best to stay off my feet but I tell ya … it is hard! And the days go by soooo fast when you accomplish nothing! haha So ready to have some energy again soon. Happy Tuesday! xoxo, Leah

  1. Janelle 1/21/14 2:13 PM

    you look fantastic! praying and thinking about you the next few days :) Can’t wait to see that little baby on the blog!

  2. Taylor 1/21/14 2:44 PM

    You look so great! Can’t wait to see what the babe looks like when he/she is born!



kally + ryan :: engagement


I’m not sure which I love more. When someone tells me that someday they are going to hire me as their wedding photographer and they do it over three years later as soon as they are engaged… orrrrrr when a bridesmaid from a past wedding I photographed books me. They both are so exciting and mean so much to me that that girl has always loved my work and followed me throughout the years. Kally was just that, and actually did both. I photographed her cousin’s wedding I think about three years ago! I believe it was my first wedding after switching to photography full time. So it was an exciting one. Kally was a bridesmaid and I didn’t get to know her too well, but of course after photographing Sadie and Steven’s northern Michigan wedding in their parent’s apple orchard … I became close friends with them and their whole entire family. We’ve been friends ever since so every time I see my friend Sadie, I got to see Kally more and more and just fell in love with this girl. She is soooo sweet and I am HONORED and so pumped to be their wedding photographer for their wedding coming this fall.

They live in northern Michigan [yeah, I'm super jealous], so we met up there for some lovely engagement photos. To capture this adorable couple. Sweet Kally and her amazing fiance Ryan. Oh and don’t forget about cute Bali. Who was not so pleased with the temperature that day. It was FREEZING. Like so so cold. We were ‘blessed’ with cold temperatures, even colder wind, and of course at the end of our session we got our winter wonderland snowflakes but more like a blizzard. I still had so much fun though and so thankful these two are tough in the cold. I had such a great time hanging out with them and getting to know them better. Ryan is actually a twin, which I just have to say … after booking a different wedding last week, I feel like I have a lot of grooms this year who are twins! So fun.

Ryan is definitely a keeper [as you already know Kally], he was so concerned about me slipping on the ice [being all big and preggo ya know] … he even put my shoes on for me after visiting Sadie [had to see her and her new baby]. Good man you got there Kally! ;)

Can’t wait for the big day … which will be much warmer! Sidenote, isn’t she beautiful??!!

































  1. Kally 1/16/14 7:26 PM

    I LOVVVVEEEE them Leah!! Thank you so so much for coming up north to take our pictures! So excited to have you!

  2. Taylor 1/17/14 11:12 AM

    I love these pictures! And I’m on the same page as Kally! I tell my boyfriend all the time that I already have our photographer picked out and he has no real say in that because it’s so important to me.



  3. Kally 1/17/14 2:43 PM

    I LOVE them Leah!! Thank you so so much for taking the time while you where very pregnant to come take our pictures!! We so appreciate you! They are just awesome!! Can’t wait for the wedding!

  4. Deb 1/21/14 2:17 PM

    As always, beautiful photos! Plus, you had an adorable couple to photograph!

38 week bump

Crazy to think this baby can come anytime now! You know you’re close when everyone you call doesn’t even answer the call with a ‘hello’ … I just get a, “Are you in labor?” reply. Once I assure them that I am not, then its “oh, hello, whats up?”


38 weeks snuck up on me. I mean this whole pregnancy has gone by way too fast. Although I am soooo excited to meet our little baby, I also know that I’m definitely going to miss being pregnant. It has been such an amazing journey, with all its aches and pains. I was put on ‘light’ bedrest last week, more so my doctor just wants me to stay home and have my feet propped up MAJORITY of the day. Yeah, so hard for me. I was working at my families’ business a couple days a week to get out of the house and help them vamp up their wedding department but now I will have to stay home with my feet up. They are soooo swollen, and my legs. I fit into one pair of boots and they are the ugliest fake uggs you have ever seen from target. Wiiiiiiith salt stains all over them. So yeah, I’ll probably be staying home for the remainder of my pregnancy for everyone’s sake. Still a happy camper though! Just nesting like crazy!


The other day, I was visiting my dad and step mom and she actually dabbles in photography so she snapped some photos of me and some with my first baby, Zoey. It was fun. I’m of course pretty big at 38 weeks, getting to the point that when I do go out in public people stare at me and think I’m about to give birth haha. But I will definitely cherish the photos she took of me and my Zo Zo. Oh and I of course had my dad working on nursery projects in the garage while we played … so it was a win win for me.


How far along: 38 weeks, 4 days
Not so good these days, lots of potty breaks now that the babe is dropping. Practice for when baby keeps me up all night? I think so …
Best moment this week:
We finallllly registered at the hospital. She commented how we were doing it late in the game but I’m just glad we got it done. Also picked up my breast pump so we officially are READY for baby. Felt so good.
Still lots of rolls and stretches. Oh and hiccups.
Miss anything:
Putting my shoes on without working up a sweat.
Food cravings:
Root beer is still a hit
Maternity Clothes: Yes
Anything making you queasy or sick:
Some of the braxton hicks are starting to make me nauseous in the middle of the night … I’m totally going to be throwing up while in labor. TMI
Have you started to show yet:
Gender prediction: Boy, although so many people are guessing girl these days, I’m really torn! Before I would say I was 80% sure it was a boy and now I’m more like 60-40 …
Labor signs: No. As I said above, I was put on ‘light’ bedrest last week due to my feet and legs being so swollen. My doc said they are pretty darn bad so he wants me to prop them up majority of the day. Yeah … so hard for me. I can’t sit still for that long.
Belly button in or out: Blown out
Wedding rings on or off: On
Happy or Moody most of the time:
Happy/emotional/anxious/nervous/excited … all combined!!!!
Looking forward to:
Obviously to meet our little baby girl or boy but this week, I’m really looking forward to feeling more at ease about being ‘ready’ for baby. I know we’re ready and have all the things we need but I keep coming up with dumb things that need to be done around the house before baby. I think it is the nesting thing but extreme nesting is making me quite the freak. I guess the baby doesn’t care if I went through my clothes in my closet …
How is Zoey handling the news:
Totallllll daddy’s girl lately! Which is great because I’ve told Matt they will have to be pretty tight when baby comes home and I’ll be pulled another way feeding and caring for our baby. So I’m glad to see her so attached to him lately, more than usual I should say … she always has been somewhat of a daddy’s girl but usually is way more attached to me seeing that I’m home with her all day ‘erey day.


So has anyone else experienced the crazy nesting freak attack?! I had one today. Like went through my whole entire closet, I want to do my bathroom cupboard next … I’ve already done every other closet, cupboard, pantry, freezer, fridge … things that really don’t matter or effect baby but for some reason makes me feel more ready for baby! Matt just laughs at me and helps. But I do feel a bit crazy sometimes … I’m totally into ‘getting rid of everything!’ and becoming a minimalist. I’m sick of having so much stuff. Feels so good to put things in the ‘garage sale’ pile and the give away pile. I have come to love simplicity over the years, and excited to put this practice into my life. Just so happens that Matt and I are reading through the Dave Ramsey program/books as well so we’re working on contentment and simplicity in our lives. But I’ve already discussed with Matt that we do have to buy some gender specific clothes when he or she arrives. That is a gimme.



I got all our maternity photos back the other day and can’t wait to share my favorites on here soon! I’ve also been asked a lot about our nursery so I’ll try to snap some photos and share what we have done thus far. We decided to stop where we’re at and wait until baby comes and once we know the sex, then I will add those last final touches. Mainly just needs wall decor, sheets, bedding [all of which will be homemade, etsy goodness!] I have plans for both so shouldn’t take me too long to do … well, order online ;) And then make Matthew hang and put together. hehe.

Thank you so much Karol for taking these photos of Zoester and I. I will cherish them forever. xoxo, Leah

  1. Stephany VanderMeer 1/12/14 11:20 PM

    Love love love! You just look ready now! I can’t wait to hear the news!! Love you!

  2. Justine LaFrence 1/13/14 3:24 PM

    SO CUTE!! I love the one with you and Zoey!!

  3. Emily Dykema 1/13/14 4:32 PM

    You are beautiful, and I have enjoyed following your pregnancy journey on your blog! Enjoy these last few days!

  4. Taylor 1/13/14 5:46 PM

    You’re so stunning! And you really do look like you could go into labor at any moment (in a good way though!)



  5. Liz Rotz 1/17/14 12:50 PM

    Ohh mama, you are gorgeous! I absolutely cannot wait for you to have this baby and know if it’s a boy or girl, I’m dying with anticipation!