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august 2013 goals


photo from kailen + lukas’s wedding I shot a week ago and can not wait to share

Boy does it feel great to be back to blogging. I forgot how much I loved it. Now that I have finally shared the exciting news with everyone, I can explain my August plans and yes … I am very aware that life rarely sticks to plans. But, its still work trying and planning just makes me happy. I’m that type of girl that did not want to EVER cancel on a bride due to being put on bedrest [and/or heaven forbid, any complications during pregnancy] and I really didn’t want to deal with worrying about it throughout my entire pregnancy. Just a they way I felt. There are other personal reasons I will not share but Matthew and I made the decision to not accept as many weddings this year [normally I was shooting close to 25 +] due to being pregnant and focus on getting ready for the baby and being healthy. I’m so thankful for every single wedding I’ve done and trust me, it was so hard to turn down so many people but knowing I was making the right decision for myself, Matthew, our baby and being honest and fair to potential brides and the name I want for my business I decided to slow down. So while the baby continues to grow, I am really looking forward to making some business plans and also to photograph a lot of great portraits, along with second shooting weddings with some friends. Oh and hey, maybe go on some trips over the weekends with the hubster and puppy.

So August is exciting for me. I’m really focusing on getting my editing done first and keeping up on all my sessions and along with enjoying summer … maybe dreaming up some ideas for LMP as well as plans to attack those dreams. Just little facelifts here and there perhaps. August is one of my favorite months of the year and although a lot of kids have to go back to school, I really don’t look at August as our last summer month. I personally don’t have to go back to school and September is always beautiful too but August is my FUN month in the summer! I try to attack all my fun trips and ideas come August.

August Goals

Read a book, write a review post on the blog
plan an anniversary trip or decide to save it for a babymoon
celebrate our 6 year anniversary
finish all edits
design + order all albums
have a weekend up north at my grandparents cottage
update new galleries on website
walk 3-4 times a week with Zoey
attend my favorite event of the year, NASCAR!
go to the community fair a lot [i’m a dork]
celebrate our 10 year dating anniversary at the end of the month
Enjoy the sun! Layout! Pool days!
Have a ‘special’ day with Morgan
Go to the beach

How is it August already?! Lets get outside and enjoy this beautiful weather as much as possible!

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