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andrea + todd :: wedding

its always so fun for me when i get to shoot a friends wedding. what is even cooler is the fact that i wasn’t really friends with them until they booked me, and then our friendship began. since i met andrea and todd both have become near and dear to my heart. they’ve invited me into their ‘group’ of friends with open arms and i couldn’t feel more blessed to have these new friends. it started with max and cassie [i went to college with cassie] and slowly we were invited to more ‘get togethers’ and matthew and i have met more and more amazing people. andrea is one of thee most energetic people i know and always has a smile on her face. over our year or so of becoming friends and getting to know eachother more and more, i’ve come to realize that she is also one of thee most giving people i know. never takes, always gives. she often times just calls me to say hi and see how i’m doing, and it always makes my day.

andrea and todd met through mutual friends at a party and it started out a little rough with todd breaking his nose that night … i won’t go into detail. but nose broken or not, andrea was head over heels with him and pursued. when i shoot a wedding i just LOVE watching how the two interact with eachother when they think i’m not looking. every so often they would catch a glance of one another and smile the biggest smile i have ever seen. this day had been long anticipated, like most wedding days. but andrea and todd are one of the last of their group of friends to get married so this celebration was huge.

they were married at the harderwyk church here in holland, michigan. the morning was going so smoothly but andrea was determined to stick to her schedule and get ready because all she kept saying is i just want to see todd now! and once she did, everyone felt better. their gift exchanging was adorable and we headed off to a few locations and snapped some portraits of this couple, so in love. the ceremony was beautiful and the reception at the yacht basin was a blast. they then headed off to mexico and i already received a phone call that they are safe and sound at home and andrea said they soooo needed that time away doing nothing. i couldn’t be happier for these two and that they are a part of my life now.


andrea reminded me a lot of my three year old nephew here. the whole time she was unwrapping her present she was saying, what is it what is it what is it. classic andrea.

one of my favorites ….

andrea you are stunning.

huge, amazing bridal party …

andrea and todd have always loved the beach [also where he proposed and we did some engagement pictures at] so we had to stick with the tradition.

andrea’s sisters had one of the best speeches i have ever heard … with the help of their husbands 😉

this group of guys are awesome. they have a tradition where they sing, international harvester at every wedding and it was soooo funny! being a country girl myself, this was one of my favorite moments looking back on the reception. such a fun group of friends. where have they been all my life. notice these three boys that i’ve had the honor of photographing [all three of them].

love you tons andrea and todd!!!!



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  1. andrea
    Thursday, June 23rd, 2011
    Wow what an amazing job Leah this pictures are awesome, I absolutely love them u have an amazing talent! Thank u!
  2. Dana
    Thursday, June 23rd, 2011
    Leah, those are amazing! I need to order a picture of Kaiya... so cute!
  3. Mandi
    Thursday, June 23rd, 2011
    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! Yet again, nothing less than fantastic.
  4. Ivana
    Friday, June 24th, 2011
    Super cute! thought this place looked like i had been there before :( Cant believe it's been that long. MY FAV: feet picture in the sand !
  5. Tawna
    Tuesday, July 19th, 2011
    Andrea! You and your man make such an adorable couple! LOVE all the pictures! You're wedding is gorgeous!