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andrea + todd :: engagements

have i ever mentioned how much i just love it when brides book me because of a referral from their best friend?! when i first went full time with photography i shot max and cassie’s wedding. i always say one of the best things about going to baker college for interior design was because i met cassie. a great friend. and of course she introduced me to some of her other great friends, one being andrea. it was at a house party a few years ago, she says she remembers that i had just gotten engaged so that puts it about 4 1/2 years ago. geesh. time flies. of course andrea and i hit it off and had a blast together and then we ddin’t see eachother for years.

then in april, at cassie’s wedding … i was reunited with andrea and just like a few years before, we giggled and feel in love with eachother all over again. yes, its just like a romantic story. when andrea got engaged this past spring, she contacted me immediately and we started talking wedding details. she had met this great guy named todd and she stated filling me in about their relationship and how she was so excited to marry him next june. they both work crazy hours at work so we met earlier in the afternoon and headed off to snap some engagement pictures.

i always laugh at how so many couples are so nervous to get their pictures taken. i assured them it wasn’t that scary and we were just going to have fun. fast forward into our session about 10 minutes and there they were giggling together and forgetting that i was even there [like every couple does] totally in love. we started in fennville and then headed to the beach off of riley where todd had proposed. i love it that the location meant so much to them. on the way walking down to the beach we were laughing at how there was a wedding going on. it was just very random that it was at this beach [not a busy beach at all] … a friday in october. but boy was this bride lucky because i have no idea how … but God sure did bless them with amazing weather on the beach in MICHIGAN in october. back to andrea and todd … after shooting their session we actually set up a date to go over to max and cassie’s and have dinner with our now preggo friend cassie 🙂 we had so much fun catching up and introducing matt to todd and the group and we clicked instantly. after dinner and a glass of wine [okay maybe andrea had 3] we went into the living room where we popped the dvd into the xbox and started looking through them on the tv. let me mind you … i have never seen any of my images that big. not going to lie, it scared me at first but after all the uuwing and aaawing … i was so happy. they enjoyed them so much. i actually just watched their facial expressions the whole time and peaked into the living room about an hour later to catch andea looking through them for the third time and a huge smile and happiness came over me. i LOVED seeing how excited they were and how much they loved them. it is so rewarding and reminds me that what i do means so much to some people. matt even made a comment that we should do that with every bride and groom because it was so fun. can’t wait for this wedding in june <3 much love, leah.

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  1. Andrea
    Tuesday, October 26th, 2010
    I love it leah!I am pretty sure u had 3 glassed of wine too. lol!! :) they turned out awesome!!! thank you!
  2. Tara
    Tuesday, October 26th, 2010
    These turned out so cute! I LOVE LOVE LOVE her blue dress and belt!! Adorable!
  3. Cassie
    Thursday, November 4th, 2010
    Leah I just love you.... and i love your work... YOUR THE BEST MY LOVE <3