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abby :: senior

hello! i never thought i would ever be this busy in my life … wait … no … i did … its a normal occurrence. BUT this week was the craziest week so far this summer. I shot 7 times this week. that’s a lot for me. today is saturday and here i sit … working. its okay though, i’m actually not bitter about it because all i want to do right now is stay a-float with this work. if i have to log in a few extra hours on a saturday for my sanity, its totally worth it.

meet abby. a senior at zeeland high school. she is actually my third step cousin. ha. i think that’s right. abby has her hair done by my older sister tara on a regular basis, so that’s how we got connected. we met and drove downtown for some snaps of abby the month before she starts a huge new chapter in her life … senior year. i’m so excited for her because this was by far my favorite year of high school. its so fun to be the leader of the pack … and in high school that’s what you are as a senior. not to mention the special treatment … and for me, seeing the end of the tunnel always helped me get through day to day. abby is a dancer and i can’t wait for next week when i get to capture some images of her in her element … dancing. WHOA … i’m excited.

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  1. Sherri
    Tuesday, August 24th, 2010
    LOOOOOVE these! I have so many favorites... I'm going to have a hard time choosing! Kudos to you leah!! :)