So here’s to 25. Last Saturday i celebrated my twenty fifth birthday and had so much fun thinking about the future years and reminiscing about the past quarter of a century. I was really looking forward to a low key celebration with just my family and that’s exactly what i got. There was one main thing on my birthday list this year and I’m so spoiled to have gotten it! Matthew surprised me with some skydiving tickets! I’m so excited to jump out of a plane this summer [with a parachute please]. Its been on my bucket list for so long and I finally get to cross it off. I actually bought some tickets years ago for Matthew and we were on our way there and they called us having to cancel due to weather. Which we were fine with. Then life got busy and Matt got scared and we never ended up doing it and my tickets expired. So now this is really going to happen. Still not sure if Matt is going to jump with me, he’s scared.

Saturday was a busy day. It started off at midnight still driving home from shooting a wedding in dearborn. Sleeping in on a Saturday was awesome and lunch with my mom, Matt, and Brittany at Salt + Pepper in Holland. Followed by an amazing pedicure and shellac manicure with Brittany treated by Matthew. Super relaxing and i love my spiffy nails. Shortly after our spa day we headed for another restaurant and met my whole family at Crazy Horse [one of my favorite restaurants] and then headed back to my parents for cake and ice cream that Brittany set up. She is totally nesting right now, which was awesome for my birthday celebration.

Sunday I followed my birthday with a fun spontaneous trip to Kentucky with my dad. He had work meetings and I tagged along for the road trip and it worked out awesome that I had no meetings or shoots so I just worked on my computer and edited while he was in meetings. Followed by dinners, long talks in the back of his pick up, and huge jamming sessions during the drive. I absolutely love road trips and admiring the scenery. We saw some amazing farms and may have stopped at an antique shop. I love it that my dad appreciates antiques as well.

It was a great weekend/start to my week. I’m still going strong. I claim the whole month if you didn’t know. So we’re still going.

Excited for whats to come in the next years. Can’t believe I’m 25. Time flies. And to think I was 16 when Matthew and I met. We talked a lot about that this past weekend and how much we’ve both changed and grown since those fun high school days.

p.s. Thank you so much for everyone voting for the hair color post last week. Its a long story but I basically ended up just being TOTALLY in-decisive even after the votes and going with the fastest hair color. It was either foil my whole head [super thick hair] or do all over color. So I wasn’t super excited about it but just ended up going dark. Now, I love it! Tara did an amazing job and I do see how it looks so much more natural on me than blonder. So for now, I’m a brunette again.

A glimpse into my weekend.

  1. liz Marie 4/18/12 1:17 PM

    Can your hair be anymore beautiful? I think not! haha.. I love road trips too! Glad you had a great Birthday weekend!

    -Liz Marie

  2. Abigail 4/18/12 3:51 PM

    ok seriously i couldn’t pay attention to anything but your hair.

  3. Katie 4/19/12 11:21 AM

    I’m With Abby! I LOVE IT.