Leah Mullett Photography

September, 2011

september 2011 goals

i made it. for months and months i starred in awe at my planner at the month of august and wasn’t sure if i would be able to make it through. i’m happy to report to everyone that i’m alive and strong. august is done and although september is crazy as well, i’m happy to be through it. somewhat. it makes me kind of sad that summer is coming to an end and looking back on all the beautiful wedding days i was a part of and all the fun people i photographed, it makes me smile when thinking…

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justine + brian :: wedding

i think most kids grow up with a neighbor kid that turns out to be your best bud for years. the person that is always there to play and go on your next adventure with. always willing. if you didn’t have this growing up, i feel bad for you because boy was it fun. in this case, it was a little different. justine was the granddaughter to my neighbor but fortunately for me, she babysat a lot. like everyday. we met under the big pine tree that was split to both property lines and hung out. the things that stick…

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audrey :: senior

we rescheduled after we seen a huge storm on the radar and ended up meeting to snap some photos of audrey on her 17th birthday. how fun. this girl is sooo awesome. if you don’t know her then i suggest to get to know her. i can tell she is one of those friends you would never want to loose. very talkative with huge dreams. we chatted about her thoughts on being a personal trainer … but then again, she has always had mad love for photography. no matter what direction this girl goes, she’ll be good. guarantee that.


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