Leah Mullett Photography

August, 2010

it was a week and a half ago already that I tried to escape for a girls mini vacation. My mom put together a group of ladies that came up to our family cabin and just had a relaxing week. Of course I took my laptop and worked a bit but I had to. I just can’t do the full vacation thing yet without the computer but someday soon I hope to (its on my to do list). We had so much fun just doing really … whatever we wanted to. Sunday afternoon my little sister Brittany and I took…

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:: august ::

summer is flying by and I’m kind of sad about it. But I’m doing my best to enjoy it before its gone. I’ve been so busy with pictures and scheduling weddings and portraits. I feel so blessed that I’m as busy as I am right now. I was thinking I wouldn’t be as busy this summer and I would work on getting some business stuff done (marketing tools and all that jazz) but I’ve been so busy that that might have to wait until after the summer rush. Which is fine. I’m really excited about what this business will…

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