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15 week bump

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Finally got around to having a little mini photoshoot with my best friend Tifani right before shooting a wedding together. I want to document the growing belly in different settings and just a few fun photos throughout the next few months. Something a little different than the chalkboard look, which I do love but it being done a lot these days. I am taking more standard belly photos with Matthew for our own safe keepings. I would say this week, I’m finally starting to FEEL pregnant because I actually LOOK pregnant. I definitely felt preggo from the beginning with the little aches and pains and nausea but now that I look down and see a bump, its a whole new ballgame. The past few days I’ve already been sad about not being pregnant anymore [when that time comes next year]. Its definitely not easy but it is so amazing and I haven’t even felt kicks yet. I’m sure I’ll be saying different come 38 weeks but for now I am totally enjoying every day and taking it all in!

It is such a miracle. I can’t get over it.

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How far along: 15 weeks, 2 day
This definitely changed from last week and I’ll tell you why … pregnancy body pillow. I realize I’m probably not to that stage yet to need it but I was trying to get used to not sleeping on my back. Of course I’ve read scary things about how its bad for baby when you sleep on your back but my doctor told me it is fine and when it gets to that point I won’t even want to do it because I’ll be so uncomfortable. BUT this pillow is still amazing. Before pregnant I was not a ‘mover’ while sleeping and then I started to become one the past few weeks and this body pillow helps me stay in place, not to mention it protects my belly from a kicking dog. Yes, Zoey sleeps with us and I love it … but occasionally she will throw a kick at me to stretch or move so it just makes me feel better. Matthew on the other hand …. doesn’t necessary LOVE the pillow. But said he’ll ‘deal’ with it if it helps me sleep. [oh and I of course get up every morning at 5:30am for a potty break, sometimes a couple times a night. And then Matt’s alarm starts going off from 6am-7am every two minutes … yeah, that has to stop soon. I’m burning his alarm clock this afternoon.]
Best moment this week:
We had a doctor’s appointment on Monday and I just love them! I of course talked my doctor into giving us another ultrasound because he loves me and so we got another picture and got to hear the heartbeat. I just looooove doctor’s appoitments and its so nice to see and hear the baby when I’m not feeling any movement yet. Matthew wants to come to every appointment too so that is so nice and we have a great time together going.
Have you told family and friends:
Miss anything:
Well, not really but I will say it is starting to dawn on me that all of my ‘hobbies’ prior to pregnancy were either bumpy or not safe for being pregnant so I’m thinking I need to find a few more hobbies this fall/winter. I’m still busy with work this time of year so that is nice but thinking I might have to trade up snowmobiling for knitting this winter. Oh dear.
Not yet
Food cravings:
Well this went downhill this week. Started off the pregnancy craving fruits … now its toaster struddles [the bacon, cheese, and egg kind of course] and rootbeer floats. And raspberries are still a hit too. I’m actually doing great with weight gain though so far, so hopefully these cravings subside next week and back to just healthy cravings!!!
Maternity Clothes: I did end up buying a few staple pieces this week and I now believe ALL leggings should come up to your boobs. It’s the shit. So comfortable. Most of my tank tops are long enough to make work for awhile, I did purchase a bella band type thing too for those jeans that just won’t seem to button anymore.
Anything making you queasy or sick:
chicken and coffee aren’t what they used to be. Which is crazy because those were my favorite!
Have you started to show yet:
Yes! The bump about doubles in size from morning to night.
Gender prediction:
Boy as of now, but we’re not going to find out 😉
Labor signs:
Belly button in or out:
Wedding rings on or off:
Happy or Moody most of the time:
Looking forward to:
Feeling some movement!!! I am soooo excited for that! Guessing I have about 3-5 weeks still but can’t wait for that!! And of course for the bump to continue to grow
How is Zoey handling the news:
Well folks, I think she may have figured it out this week. The only reason I think this is because she has been EXTREMELY needy the past week. Waking me up in the middle of the night so she can … what I believe to be as just ‘mess around’ outside. Maybe she is trying to get me practice for when baby comes … whatever it is … it is annoying. But I still love her of course 😉

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Hope everyone has a lovely weekend! My momma’s birthday is tomorrow so I’m excited to celebrate that with the family and have a weekend with Matthew. I will be blogging my monthly goals tomorrow so make sure to check back for that. Lots of things to share on the blog schedule! So exciting! I know there are so many other preggo’s out there right now so would love for you to leave a comment about how you’re feeling and anything exciting about your pregnancy so far! Happy Friday!



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  1. Friday, August 2nd, 2013
    Hello gorgeous! So happy you FINALLY let me take photos of you :)
  2. Tiff
    Friday, August 2nd, 2013
    Love the b&w one of you looking over your shoulder!