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This is going to be thee most crazy week for me so far this summer. I have sessions every night … some nights two in a row. But its going to be a blast so I just hope I can enjoy the rest of this month! August is one of my favorite months! Its probably between August and April. Last week Wednesday Matthew and I celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary! Pretty crazy I know. It celebration we went out for dinner and drinks and we plan to take a vacation just the two of us sometime in October when I’m not so busy with work. We also got each other a gift though … the new iphone 4!!! OMG. It. is. amazing. I’m in love. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a down to earth country girl and I know I don’t need such a gadget but boy does it make my life so much easier. I’ve been trying to make sure I’m not on it 24/7 but it is pretty fun to play with and search for fun cool apps!

Sunday at 2am in the morning I finally got home after a 2 day bachelorette party I threw for my very bestiest friend Stephany! It was so much fun! I rented a family friend’s cottage up on TORCH LAKE and I think we’ll never forget all the fun memories that were made there with us 12 girls! After running around like a crazy lady on Friday … Brittany and I were only 3 hours behind schedule and trying to race up to the cottage to set up for our dinner. After all the craziness was out of the way … I think it went awesome and everyone had a good time. We partied on Friday night after dinner. Did some pretty crazy fun things at the bar … came back to the cottage and played some games and open gifts. We then MAY have got skinny dipping in Torch Lake at 3am. I told you we were crazy. Some of you may be shamming me for doing this … but you know what … I’ll never forget it and we laughed so hard. You gotta just relax and have fun sometimes! Saturday was perfect. The weather was awesome and we floated out to the sand bar on Torch Lake to have some beers and catch a tan. I’m so excited for Stephany to be married to Greg. They are such an amazing couple … but I think we definitely partied hard celebrating her last 40 days as a unmarried lady 😉

Here is what I had the table set up like when the girls got here. Stephany is using mason jars for her centerpieces and her favorite color is teal so I thought I would incorporate that! Had some interesting words on there too haha …  I loved it! Yay! So proud!

Okay … now onto the Monday Must Haves!!! Just some things I’m lovin this week!

1. OBVIOUSLY … the new iphone 4! I love this thing so much! Its already helped me with so many things in life … just simplify because you can do so much on there. GPS, Music, pictures, internet … oh I could go on and on!
2. ANNND a iphone App … Loseit … I love this app and its helped what my calories. Health and fitness is super important to me so this helps me stay on track!
3. Hammock. I read and maybe took a mini nap in one of these this weekend while up at Torch Lake and its a must have! They are so relaxing! And I just love being outdoors!
4. Jessie James CD. I love this girl. She isn’t super popular right now but I’m sure you’ve heard of her. When her cd first came out I bought it on itunes and have been hooked ever since. This is what I’ve been jam’n to for the past few weeks! On repeat!
5. While chill’n at the sand bar on Torch Lake this past weekend … I was super happy that I have some killer shades. Its a must have when bathing on the lake. Just make sure you take them off for a bit here and there so we don’t get any tan lines!

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